The Warframe Thread


Yeah thanks. There really isn’t much you can do lol. Just have to wait it out…

I checked around just now, and apparently other people have confronted this as well, and there isn’t a concrete answer as to why it’s so big.


Yeah. I think the last time I checked, warframe was 40 GB’s.

Anyway, just thought you might want to know, warframe offered a couple gifts, one was a 75 plat gift and another was a free vectis. But those were a while ago. Dunno if they are still around.


Doubt I’d get it now since I’m a ‘new player’ on there though. Like the Dex rewards.


The Dex stuff is only available around the anniversary.


Yeah exactly. So I won’t be able to get those rewards mentioned ^ since they were only available around that time, like the Dex awards :stuck_out_tongue:

What have you been doing on Warframe lately?


I believe the free vectis and such were tied to either promocodes or Twitch events.

Not much, though. Still farming Revenant. Pain in the ass because his neuroptics are locked behind the highest level bounty in the plains, and has a single-digit drop chance.

I am also rather burnt out on the game in general.


Yeah my friend is also still farming for the neuroptics, I was very lucky to have got it with another. Unfortunately I don’t really care at all about Revenant so I haven’t bothered to build him yet. Warframe is a very easy game to get burnt out on. I’m starting to feel it too lol.


At this point it is a matter of pride. I have to get him. Even if I never use it.


I got one a long time ago, like about 4 months, but I never checked my Xbox live messages, so I literally didn’t find out until today. I’m not sure if the code even works anymore. I hoping and assuming it does, because I got my 75 plat from the sacrifice launch about a month after it was released.


Hey @OtherwiseBam, how’s it going with downloading warframe?


It’s at 30GB now, so 10GB left… cries in Grineer


I’m not sure how you would do that, but good to hear!


It’s moving at about 20Mb/s … but sometimes fluctuating around to 17 or 13. People are awake in my house now so, they are using internet. But it will probably be done in (I’m hoping) another hour or so.


Good to hear. When it’s done, give me the heads up, and we can work out a time to play tomorrow!

Btw, I’m not sure if we can complete the tutorial together, so if you can complete that before hand, I think it would save some time in case it does happen to be that you can only do the tutorial solo.

Also, just so you know crouch button is left bumper by default. Just telling you so it is easier for you to figure out bullet jumping.


Yeah tutorial is probably gonna have to be done on my own. It’s all good. I remember it.

Also yeah I’m gonna suck purely because it’s controller… controls. Gonna be a rusty transition.


Good luck then! I’m sure it won’t be too bad.

According to Microsoft, warframe is 42 GB’s.


Should I get stug?


Hey sorry I was out getting a pet rat :3

Good news is the update is nearly done, 98%!

Also Stug is fun as hell but you might kill yourself using it if you’re too close to enemies when you detonate it.


Nice! Best of luck to you for that last 2 percent.

Also, I don’t really care. It sounds fun and lato is getting to be such a boring ass weapon that any weapon sounds better. Plus I kinda like the idea of blowing myself up just for kicks.

Btw do you think hikou is worthy as a good new player weapon?

I didn’t pick kunai since I thought a gun would be better, but seeing how shitty lato is, I kinda regret that decision.


It’s all fun and games until you KO 4 times and fail the mission :stuck_out_tongue:

I love explosive weapons. Never used Stug, though. But from what I can tell, it isn’t a giant upgrade from other early stuff. Lex, Vasto, and Magnus are also quite good when you can access them.

As for throwing weapons, most of those aren’t really fantastic. I do not recommend until you can get the Spira.