The Warframe Thread


We’ll figure it out. Don’t worry.


Ok. I’ll try to figure something out.


Do you wanna play on Saturday? I already made plans with Max to play destiny on friday.

Also if worst comes to worst about the voice chat, we can just have a little pm in the forums going on lol.


What timezone are you in? I need to know what time it is for me on Saturday (e.g. it might be midnight when it’s the afternoon for you, or a day ahead entirely).




Okay thank you.

I’ve been downloading WF all night and it’s only at 27%. Hopefully I can make it on lol.


Don’t worry, you’ll still have plenty of time. We can play on Sunday if warframe doesn’t download in time for you.


Yeah that’s all good. We’ll just see what happens…

Question. Does my Xbox GT automatically become my name on Warframe or can I make a new one? The problem arises that I’m using the same username on my PC account so I don’t know if that’ll be an issue.


Yep, that is how it works for all games. I doubt it will be an issue though, so no need to worry.

Also, you can link your pc account to your Xbox account I think. I don’t know if there is an actual benefit to doing that, but give it a try. You might be able to resume progress on your Xbox if you do.

I tried playing warframe on PC but it was so bad that I just couldn’t deal with it anymore. I was using a surface pro lol.


Hmm maybe I could link it, but I’d like to keep progress on my computer. Don’t mind starting over on Xbox as I already mentioned.


The two have nothing to do with one-another. You can have the same gamertag as your PC handle.

But there is no cross-platform account linking.


Hey @OtherwiseBam, have you managed to download warframe yet?


Sry for the late reply. I managed to get it to 80% last night. It’s ready to start but idk if that means I can play with you, I’m going to start playing it now.

EDIT: Jesus fucking christ, a 40gb update? Xbox why are you doing this to me?

You’re going to have to wait longer Pickles, I’m sorry.


Nah it’s fine.



Are you serious?!

Anyway we can play tomorrow. I can get on at maybe 6 pm EST. Will that work for you?


The time is fine but I don’t know if the update will finish. I’ll keep you updated (pun not intended).



Anyway, if it doesn’t work out I can play later. I’m really not worried about time because I don’t have school on Monday. Any time that works for you should work for me (unless it is anytime around 1:30-2 PM or 3:30-5:00 PM). However, the best time for me is around 6:00 PM or later.


Yeah that’s alright. I suppose I’m not too worried about time atm…

I’m just so confused as to what needs to download. I mean my PC doesn’t take up this much space with Warframe. This update combined what I downloaded beforehand is about 60GB tops.


I’m not really sure then. I don’t think warframe took up that much space for me.


I think Xbox knows I have bad internet and wants to personally make me suffer.


Bad internet is truly the worst nightmare a gamer can face. Well, I gues best of luck to you. I wish I could help you with something. I can maybe check warframe later if I have the chance and tell you if it takes up 60 gbs for me.