The Warframe Thread


Is it one of those things where you pick a side, either corpus or infested and you team up with the enemy type you chose?


No. Those are invasions. Dark Sectors are not special missions. They are just regular nodes.


Oh. Ok. Also you know those occasional events that last for a week or so? What level should I be so that I can start taking those on?


What level of enemies can you handle? I obviously recommend having max rank weapons/frame. But you need to have mods good enough to deal with the enemies.


I dunno like 20’s? I would say the highest I could do is like a 25 maybe a 30? I haven’t actually squared up against that high of an enemy before.


Then if the enemy level listed for the mission is one you can deal with, go for it.



Also what do you consider to be good mods?


Mods that affect your damage output. Like if it says “+X% damage”. That’s good. Not if it specifically mentions slash, puncture, or impact, though. Those are almost universally worse.


What about the ones with elemental damage buffs?


Those are also good. But you should first focus on the regular damage mods. Those do the most for your weapons. Gotta remember to rank them up.


Well…is it normal that I’ve never gotten one so far lol. Would mods that increase fire rate count?


You don’t have a Serration or Hornet Strike?


I’ve got a broken hornet strike and no serration.


In fact, most of the mods I do have that aren’t broken are only shotgun mods, and like i said, I’m only mastery 2.


@TinyPickles318 I’m about to add you on Xbox One but guess what? I have to update. Sigh.

EDIT: Okay you’re now added. :3

By the way. I’m a bit of an Xbone nub but I’m assuming I need Xbox Live Gold to be able to play with you?


Yes, you do. However, they might be holding gold for 1$ kind of deal so look out for that.

However, if you don’t wanna buy gold, we can try to break the system.

We can both log in, and I can try to invite you in game. We might not necessarily be in a party, so we cannot communicate, but we’ll still be able to play together.

I’m not sure how it’ll work out, but I think i was still able to play in squads when I didn’t have gold.

Also I would hold off buying gold. It is pretty expensive, and if you don’t play a lot of Xbox, it just turns out to be a huge waste.


Yeah that’s fine. We could alternatively just use Discord if we wanna talk.


I dunno how to use discord.


Or Steam chat… :stuck_out_tongue:


…I dunno how to use that either…

I don’t often use voice chat or stuff cuz I’m mostly a solo player.