The Warframe Thread




Dammit. I thought so. I’m on PC unfortunately so I can’t come on but… I was thinking of going to Xbox. I wouldn’t mind starting again on a different account.


That’s ok you don’t need to do that.


Nah I want to though! I’ve spent so long on endgame content. I started the game when it was really different. So I’d like to see what the new player experience is like now.


I did that some time earlier this year, after they updated it a little bit again. It is absolutely miserable. Credits don’t exist. It doesn’t explain 90% of the mechanics, like basic progression through the game or getting new gear.

Honestly it’s one of the worse introductions to a game ever. Neat when you remember what happened, but abysmal when you’re going through it after the initial “new game smell” wears off. Newbie grind is more insufferable than high level grind.

This is in part due to the fact that I know what’s next and where I want to be, so rushing is kind of second nature - but you cannot rush early game. It is just so slow.


I think it is ok actually. Nothing feels too unmanageable, although it gets so boring with only being able to use one gun and one frame all the time, because mastery rank ya know. Plus I have like no mats or credits.


Wait do you have an Xbox? If so, what is your GT?


Yeah I have an Xbone. My GT is the same that it is on steam, creepercola106. I haven’t played in a while besides doing a Halo marathon with my sister a few months ago…

My profile picture is the Arbiter from Halo 5.

All I have to actually do on Xbox One is download Warframe but still debating on actually doing it.


It feels that has always been an issue with the game unfortunately. When I started it wasn’t so bad. Which is why I want to see what it’s like now.

Like I try to help noobs these days and I have no idea what they get from junctions or what they gotta do, so I’m like a noob too. :laughing:


Ok I’ll add you this weekend. Or you can add me if you want GT is J3ffXbox.


If any Xbox players can check for me, is that jade color palette still in the shop? I really want to get some new colors that aren’t the awful default ones.

If not, I’ll judt wait till thanksgiving or something and see if there is a new color palette available.


No problem, when I have time, I will add you.


I’m confused, there are still credits in the game.

Also @OtherwiseBam I’m in middle school so if you have a problem with that, tell me.


Why would I have an issue with that? :stuck_out_tongue:

Also I think he just means that credits are so hard to get that they basically don’t exist.


They are, obviously, they’re just so obnoxiously hard to acquire early on that until you know what Dark Sectors are, life is just so much worse.


I don’t know. A lot of people in Xbox lfg use the adult only tag all the time so…


Not to worry, I am not one of those people.

Or Index. I only do Index these days to gain credits.


Well Index is hardly early content. That’s why I didn’t mention it.


What is a dark sector and index?


Don’t worry about Index yet, and Dark Sectors are infested nodes that offer increased affinity and credit rewards. Makes early credit farming much more tolerable.