The Warframe Thread


Aaaaaand? He still isn’t any stronger than regular Excal. They’re almost functionally the same, aside from the one ability difference.


He does have better stats… also unlike regular Excalibur he has three poliarity slots.

Edit: Forgot to say he has a new passive as well.


I know.

I did point it out.

And the better stats are higher armor/shield/health/energy. The same shit every Prime has. But he isn’t stronger. He also doesn’t get energy from death orbs like prime.


What’s this? I’ve never heard of it.


Prime frames get 250 free energy whenever they touch the laser balls in the void.


Well he isn’t a prime frame. He’s a very unique kind of frame.


I know he isn’t Prime. He’s just basically the same as Excal Prime, with different polarities and a single slightly altered skill.



Wtf warframe is rated M?

It says there is “blood and gore” and “violence”.

  1. I have never seen blood in this game.

  2. So violence is now enough to make a game a rated M game?

Hell destiny has the same amount of violence and gore, yet it’s rated T.


You can chop up body parts, dismembering enemies. Killing people with a corrosive proc melts them. They can burn to death and turn to ashes in front of you. You can actually shoot their heads off.

You might have those setting off by default, but there’s plenty of blood and gore.

It isn’t quite Gears of War or Mortal Kombat levels of violence, but it’s probably on par with Borderlands at least. It has MORE violence than games like Halo.

Overall, the rating fits.


Eh. Well I mean it’s not like every time that you kill an enemy, they blow up in a bloody explosion or something. I think that would qualify as a rated m game.

I get cutting off body parts is violent, but then again, I doubt most people just go around like a serial killer trying to chop every single corpus head off.


You don’t really need to go for it specifically. There are plenty of weapons that do it. Tigris is one example. Every time it kills something, the amount of slash damage lops at least one part off. There is a Nekros build that greatly benefits from chopping enemies into as many parts as possible.

Equinox’s Maim ability is almost guaranteed to bisect pretty much anything it kills. With huge range, than can be a looooooot of enemies.

Saryn’s first ability, Spores, melts the enemies it kills because it is all corrosive damage. Same with the weapon Caustacyst.

Ember’s World on Fire regularly incinerates enemies.

Frost can freeze and shatter enemies into tiny pieces whenever he wants, and Atlas can petrify stuff and shatter it the same way.

Your character doesn’t have to bathe in blood for an M rating. This game is more than plenty violent lol. Not just in the way you can kill stuff, but in the fact that you can kill hundreds of people at a time.


Oh…I did not know that.

I don’t think freeze smashing something is as violent as what you mentioned above though.


Probably not, but the idea of the flash-frozen meat chunks flying around is pretty disgusting.


Welp I’m gonna say that the same thing happens in Mario, but it probabaly isn’t the same…

Also I really like volt’s shock ability affect.


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Cool. I want that. Do you know how long it is gonna last?


Not sure but I think the alert lasts for 30 days


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Your on Xbox right?