The Warframe Thread



What does the sensor on your ship do?


Not sure what you mean. The radio scanner at the top of the ramp? Nothing. Just there for background noise.


Yeah that. But i see it’s worthless so nvm.

Also, I got this little email from this woman from steel meridian, and she told me to fight these executioners but I have no idea where to find her! Where can I do that?


I don’t actually know. That does not sound like something you would run into yet.

I had to reread and saw you specified steel meridian.


No it was an ugly looking grineer woman who identified as a member of steel meridian.


Only thing she would message that about is Rathuum, and that’s on the last available planet in the star chart, so she definitely shouldn’t be messaging about that


I can show you a picture of the message on Saturday. It mentioned prisoners and grineer defectors.


Yeah. That was about Rathuum. You shouldn’t even get that message for quite some time. Odd.


Well maybe I’m special. Maybe it was some update?


I dunno. Just ignore it. Nothing you can do there yet.


Ok. Do you know if this game offers crossplay?


It does not.


Aw that’s too bad

Also what is umbra? Is it some upgraded version of Excalibur or something?


Spoilers. He is pretty much exactly the same. Not any stronger, though. One of his abilities just has a special effect and he has different appearance/polarities.



And is it true that the lotus dies in the sacrifice? Don’t tell me just say yes or no.


You’re not the only person who hasn’t played it yet. I am not gonna put any new spoilers here.



Also, one last question about lore. Are the Tenno the frames themselves, or are they just the beings using the frames. Also, are Tenno just mutated humans?


That’ll be answered before too long in ya own game.

Eeehhhh hard to say without spoilers. Gonna go with “no”. Based on my own interpretation of the lore, anyways. It’s so far into the future that I’m not sure humanity is really a thing anymore.


Can you unmask them? Like your own Tenno character?


Actually he has the exact same stats as Excalibur Prime.