The Warframe Thread


They spawn in the fissure mission you take your relic to.


Ok cool. So I need to use relics to get stuff that makes the relic work? Great logic there.


It’s more like you’re taking the relic to a mission that unlocks it.

Reactant is mission-specific. You don’t collect it and take them back to your orbiter. Collect 10 in one mission and it cracks the relic you brought with you.

You aren’t required to bring relics with you, but you don’t get prime parts for doing it that way.


Can you store reactants? To like apply to relics later on?


No. Like I said, they are mission-specific.

You bring a relic, collect 10 reactant in that single mission, and you come out of the mission with a prime part.


Ohh…ok my bad.

Is it very common to find reactant in a fissure mission?


Corrupted enemies have a chance to drop them.

I have already told you this.


I know, but how common is it for a corrupted enemy to spawn?

That’s what I meant.


Plenty. Unless you nuke a map, you’re almost guaranteed to have enough.



What does “nuking a map mean”?


Wiping a lot of enemies out with a powerful AoE ability.


Ok thank you.


If I did a fissure mission with someone who had a better relic than me, can I simply choose to take a reward from their drops?


Yup. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take a relic, or simply take a shitty one.


All I have are Lith relics, which I’m pretty sure are the most common ones, right?


Yes. But you can only take Lith relics to Lith fissures. Meso to Meso fissures, etc. So “better” is kind of subjective.


Oh. So I can’t like take a Lith relic to a axi mission if someone else is using an axi relic?


No, you can’t take a Lith relic to any other fissure than a Lith. Ever. No matter what other people use.

Same with every relic type.



Another question, should I be worrying about getting forma right now?


Not even a little. All they would do right now is frustrate you and take resources.