The Warframe Thread


Oh ok. Well I guess I’ll get grinding.

What is a vault? I’ve mightve heard but I probably just forgot.


What you hack in spy missions to complete them.


Oh. I always trigger the alarms accidentally on those things. Plus I always get stuck on how to enter those so I’m very bad :stuck_out_tongue:

I did a mission a couple days ago where I missed all of the data except 1 piece.


Then you should practice. There really isn’t any penalty for failing, so it just helps.


You’ll need to start learning the patterns then there is a certain quest that you get on Mars that requires you to do some spy missions.


Stealth is really not my strong suit when it comes to games. I’m more of that “charge into battle and get brutally murdered” kind of player.

Also, does anyone have some beginner automatic pistols to recommend? I’m getting tired of lato.

I saw char (a streamer) use these ones called aksomati and they look SOOO fun! Reminds me of tracer.


Vipers are good I think, but be warned they have high ammo consumption. I can’t remember specifically any other pistols, but when I get home I’ll check.


Cestra, Viper/dual Viper, Khomak, Furis/Afuris, Akstiletto, Akzani, Dual Cestra, Twin Gremlins, Twin Grakata, Hikou, Bronco

Not all of them are good, several are locked above your MR.


Is it recommend that I use the Relics now?


You should always use them if you’re able.


I just read that to modify relics, it is require that you have the relic station in your ship, but I don’t have that. Am I still allowed to use relics on the fissure missions?


Yeah. And you should have the station. Everyone does.


I’m pretty sure that you need to beat mars junction? I haven’t. Haven’t even gotten there.


I believe you’re correct. My bad. Been like 2 years since I did that, apologies.

Should still be able to run fissure mission, though. You wouldn’t have enough traces for that console to matter


ok got it. thank you.


Is it true that you need something called reactant to actually collect prime parts when using a relic?


Yes. Reactant is an in-mission drop that you kill “corrupted” enemies to get. You need 10 to unlock each relic.


Aww…that’s a shame. By corrupted enemies, do you mean those found in the void or whatever?


No, I mean the ones that get affected and turn gold during the mission itself.

It is not a resource like anything else. It’s just a mission condition. Like points.


Ohhh…i see now. Can these corrupted enemy units spawn in any mission, on any planet?