The Warframe Thread


That’s probably a mod that has a set bonus then, did you perhaps get it from a bounty?

Edit: actually yeah a picture would help make things easier dunno why I didn’t think of that lol



I can’t get a picture now, but I remember very basically what the mod looked like

Here is kinda what I can recall.


Man I haven’t seen that one before, is it like a super rare mod that increases a stat?


I really can’t tell you. I believe it was a bronze border, so I don’t think it was very rare. I just never saw the mod before.

I know I said this, but there was a health bar looking thing in the mod. It might be the set thing you were talking about.

I can get a picture on Friday.


Like this?


YES!! Exactly like that!

What is a set?

Does it mean you need 6 more for it to work?


I was joking about that, anyways if it has a Bronze boarder than it’s probably a mod you got from bounties.


No it increases effectiveness when you use them all but it’s not recommended as some of the mods in the set can be bad.


You’re saying that like there are different mods in a set? So not all the mods are the same?


Yeah you gotta equip the whole set for the whole bonus. Off the top of my head the only sets are the Bounty, Umbral, and Sacraficial mods but the last two you won’t get till way later on in the game.


How can you tell whether two mods are in the same set or not?


Well usually they share the same prefix before the mod name. Like Auger ___ or Umbral ___ stuff like that.


Ok thank you guys.

Is doing the mod transmute thing worth it? Cuz I have like 10 vitalities just sitting there.


No problem don’t forget to ask if you need help I’m sure everyone here that plays warframe will be glad to help you just like me and Trickshot.


In my personal opinion it’s not because you don’t have a guaranteed chance at getting something good, plus the fact that other than using 4 mods it costs credits as well. I usually dissolve them into Endo or if I’m really low into credits.



Do you have a very fast method of just getting tons of mastery exp for your gear? I haven’t reached a higher mastery rank in ages, and I’m getting concerned.


To gain mastery exp you need to complete nodes you haven’t done on planets and level up gear that you haven’t mastered yet (you’ve already leveled them up once before).


But is there a very quick way to max your gear as quickly as possible? I’m getting really annoyed being stuck in MR 2. I NEED that hek.


Just…kill stuff. Higher planets and difficulties yield more XP, but it’s real slow early on.

That said, spy missions give decent XP and all your gear gets some affinity when you complete a vault.


I don’t know of any low rank ways to level up fast unfortunately, but when you get there make sure you have all the required materials for the Hek and be prepared to wait 24 hours as that’s it’s crafting time.