The Warframe Thread


Yeah I’ve done all the quests except some of the Warframe ones like Titania and Atlas.


Oh Atlas is a great frame though.

Titania’s quest is a chore.


Main reason why I haven’t done either is because for Atlas you need to kill Juggernauts and I’m to lazy to unlock Eris and I don’t want to go on a massive flower hunt until Titania possibly gets buffed, I keep hearing her 4 is her only really good ability and the others aren’t so good.


I’m really just building Titania atm because I have her parts, which are just collecting dust otherwise. Only using her for XP.

Atlas is worth the farm if you ask me. But that’s my opinion. I do remember the Juggernaut’s weren’t hard to kill, but like many ‘bosses’, one part was extremely rare to drop.


That ain’t hard. At least it doesn’t look hard. I don’t exactly know what Indus looks like so it might be more difficult.


It’s not hard to recreate but I need to get the plat to buy the color palette.


I don’t find the Juggernauts hard to kill but sometimes the won’t even spawn in on an Infested Mission which makes things annoying.


Do the armor attachments provide any actual benefits?


No they’re just cosmetic.


What’s everyone’s thoughts on the Daily reward rework system? I personally think it’s a good rework as some of the more fun and cooler weapons shouldn’t really be locked behind years worth of logging in, I can also see where the other side is coming from as well with the rework. I think they should give the people who already have the weapons unlocked some type of unique skin that shows they had the weapons for a long time.


I think it’s a fine change. I know veterans are just pissed because they had to actually go 800 days to get what they wanted while new players can get instantly. Personally I don’t mind! I thought it was ridiculous to begin with. It isn’t really fair to players who can’t log in every single day…


Tbh Bam is right. I am a little peeved. Am like 8 days away from 700. Mostly frustrated with DE about this, though. For so long they said it didn’t need a change and they weren’t gonna rework it.

While I AM happy that I might be able to get Sigma & Octanis sooner, I do think there should be some kind of limit. Maybe don’t let someone at 50 days pick one of the Primed mods or special guns.

I don’t really see how this makes it valid. Honestly it isn’t even a good point. Do you think everyone at 600+ has logged in every day?

I spent a month in boot camp. My PC stopped working twice. I’ve taken half of a dozen breaks, some of which exceeded a whole month. The login stuff isn’t a big deal. Hell, aside from Primed Fury none of it is even particularly great. Even then, Berserker beats those stats and you can get that easily and freely.

I’m not gonna fight the change. I admit it is annoying to have to wait literally years for some shit, but people saying “it’s not fair to newer players” clearly don’t think that through. Everyone at the high login tiers was a new player when the system started. Literally every player has had to do the same thing for the same rewards.

(That’s actually the definition of the word fair, by the way.)


I have to disagree there. The whole point of a dedication based reward is if people are dedicated. Of course you’re not gonna get something that requires logging in frequently if you don’t do it frequently. Even if the obstacle you are facing is something important like work, it is not DE’s fault if you need to work or go to school, etc.

I can somewhat connect this to destiny 2. There was a very powerful gun exclusive to playing a certain PvP game mode and reaching a certain rank in that mode, and only a couple thousand of all the playerbase who ever unlocked that gun.

Now Bungie is basically copy pasting that gun into the next big update, so pretty much everyone can get it by doing a slightly challenging quest. But the damage was done. Veterans and sweaties who grinded the competitive PvP mode everyday got pissed at Bungie for making their hard earned achievements seem like a joke.

That’s why developers shouldn’t do stuff like that.


You make good points, but people would still miss out on rewards if they took long breaks. Or something happened so they absolutely couldn’t come on. For example, my friends live in a rural area with very limited internet. Once they run out it’s gone for the month. They miss out on login days. I think this change is good. You need to login for at least more than a years worth of days to even get a reward worth your time.

I get the idea of a dedication based reward. The Hema weapon in the dojo (requiring a pretty high amount of Mutagen Samples) is an example that I agree with. If DE made the Hema easier to get, like you mentioned in your Destiny example which is a good point, people would understandably be just as pissed.

But I don’t like the login system. I think this is good that they’re changing it. We’ve had to deal with this type of thing before, when they first introduced the login reward system. It was assumed that we would already have, say, 800 days, but we were set back to 0 like any other new player which veterans had to deal with. They just have to suck it up again this time.


But if you really wanted a reward, why would you take a very long break?

I’m sorry to say, not trying to be harsh, but a reward is a reward.

Think about it in terms of something more realistic. Say there was a special award for the person on a sports team who worked the hardest. It would seem unfair, if you, the longest playing veteran on your team who made it to every practice and never came late unless there was a serious excuse, lost the award to a lazy teammate who skipped out on most practices and faked illnesses or pretended to still be injured when his or her injury had healed a long time ago.

I’m sorry for your friend who has the limited internet access, but developers can’t control a player’s personal life, sometimes, and they cannot just make accommodations for a certain group of people just to please them, if other groups have grinded out the rewards through years and years of dedication.

I’m not blaming your friend at all. I am not clear of his current status and all, but like I said, a reward is a reward. I was in China for close to two months and missed a reward quest in destiny, and several timegated events, but what can I do? I can upset, but nothing’s gonna change. Plus, I’m positive in the future that DE will add even more loot for people to collect, that might not just be login focused.


I half-agree.

I think the issue lies in the system itself, not the fault of the players.

This I especially agree with.


I found this mod with a thin bar, sort of like a health bar, in the middle. Is there something special about it?


I can’t tell if you mean the polarity or if you got a mod that has a set bonus.


No it’s different from polarity. There is literally a bar in the description box of the mod. It’s like a health bar, divided into 4 or 5 sections.


Take a picture. Or tell us the name.