The Warframe Thread


I like Saryn.


What is the best sniper rifle in people’s opinions?

I have tried the vectis prime, lanka, vulkar, rubico and I am trying to get the snipetron vandal and so far I think it is the Lanka, simply because its higher critical chance, innate punch through and a large magazine. But what does everybody else think?


Lanka is, pretty objectively, the best of the snipers. Without Rivens or Argon Scope (waste of a goddamn mod slot IMO), it is the only sniper that can reach 100% crit and deal consistent damage in that regard.


Hopefully he gets a rework with his prime being released.



I’d actually like a spot in your clan, I want wukong on PC, trying to get most of the stuff i own on ps4 to pc, it’s gonna take a while though.


Alright, let me see what I can do. You may have to message someone with permissions to add people, though, so make sure you’re able to log on if there’s a spot for you.


@Deity_Pharaoh your profile says you’re already in a clan.

Gotta get out of that one before anyone can invite you

Not joking man. Can’t do anything if you don’t let me.


Yeah i can jump on real quick and do it


K. Message when you get on so I can tell you who to ask directly.




Nice! But you guys are going really fast.

Totally burning through the game at this rate. Burnout is very real in Warframe.


I’m in one right now actually.


Yeah, but they started playing less than 2 weeks ago and are already MR 9. Just so much progress.


What’s wrong with going fast?


Warframe, like any game, has limited content. It is still being updated, but not NEARLY at the pace you two are going through it.

To put it bluntly, you’re going to run out of things to do before too long if all you do is level stuff and clear missions all day. It’s not a triple-A game with hours of side quests and character development or story. We’ve got 2 cinematic quests, half of a dozen 30-minute “go here and do a thing” quests, and some planets to clear. Excluding leveling stuff, it’s something you could do in a day and have time left over.

The vast majority of Warframe’s gameplay is gathering materials to make weapons, then leveling said weapons. Once you go through those, there’s depressingly little to do and you’ll get bored of it.
An easy way to slow progress is to only play solo. No public matchmaking, no clan runs, just by yourselves (of course, stay in your clan for access to research, just don’t go piggyback missions with them). That way you can’t take something into a mission and accidentally fully level it without ever having used it. Forces a bit of artificial slowness and makes it last a bit longer.

Now, I actually really enjoy Warframe’s gameplay. I could play it for hours without getting bored, but I don’t know if you and Tsathy can, given how many other games you two have and get burnt out on.

You may wonder why I have so many thoughts about the subject, but it’s mostly because I’ve made a lot of friends through that game, and so many have stopped playing so I’ve lost contact with them because of it. They got burned out because they blasted through ranks and quickly found out how bare Warframe is without the presence of items to level constantly. I don’t want you two to just drop it because it didn’t have enough for you two to burn through. Want you to get every possible bit of enjoyment out of it.


Don’t play it for that. I play it because I like how unique it is. I’ve never played a game like this before. It’s a breath of fresh air.

Krystal plays in short intense bursts and gets bored real quick. I suspect she’s growing slightly bored of Warframe since she’d rather watch me play instead now. I play an hour or two a day. Alice even played for a little but too.

Also, I just made Lex Prime.


Update 21.4 on PC tomorrow with Hydroid’s rework. No other details yet, but been waiting a long time for him to be worked, though I do really hope they actually make him better instead of bad in a different way.


Currently waiting for Saryn Prime! 2 days and 21 hours left!


The wait for Primes is the worst!