The Warframe Thread


left my computer for ten minutes, like 4 hours ago. So it shut down, thought the game would keep downloading. Turned out I was wrong still not working. 40 minutes to go.


@TrickshotMcgee, you have anything for me to do?


Why is it that even when I set everything to the lowest possible, my game is still slow as crap. If that happens, there is no way I can play warframe on pc, unless I buy a new one. I will have to stick to Xbox.

I probably deserve it tho because I’m playing on a surface pro…god kill me.

PS. Excuse me because I know nothing about pc gaming and stuff; Xbox player here.


Oof. Did not know that you lived there.

You can edit those times in the control panel. I don’t know how to do that on your computer, but I do know it’s possible.

That’s not ideal, no. Laptops in general just aren’t very powerful and Warframe is no longer as low-spec friendly as it once was. Chances are that it’s not gonna get much better. Sorry.


Only for vacation.


Is there anything I can do to make it better?


If you already have everything on low, then probably not.


I mean with my computer.


Barring getting a better one, not really. Low settings is the best it’s going to get on a laptop with integrated hardware.


That Fortuna song is so catchy. ^^;;


So I recently got back into warframe and I’m really hooked this time. When I played it before I just felt there wasn’t much for me to do and that it’d take me way to long to get to the cool warframes that I wanted to use as they were what got me interested in the game. Combine that with me looking at all the stuff there was I just felt overwhelmed.

I came back and I decided “fuck it I want to give this game another chance and I want to have some fun this time” so I spent some money (cause I’m a scrub but it’s my money and you can’t tell me how to spend it :stuck_out_tongue: ) and I got Nidus since he looked really fun. Within a few days I was still playing and already at Ceres. I soon realized “Oh shit I’m getting my ass handed to me on a sliver platter I better do something about that” so I am now. I’m so hooked I’ve already planned ahead which I rarely do with games now. I already know my next big purchase, that Nidus Deluxe skin because Fashion frame > actually getting the stuff I need to progress further.


Can someone walk me through the whole mod system?

Also, I bought a rhino blueprint from the shop, and there are 2 parts that are rhino specific. Is there a special mission, activity, or planet I can unlock these on?


That’s quite a lot to walk through, and trying to learn it all at once is pretty much just gonna suck. I’ll give you a basic rundown, though.

Mods are enhancements for your weapons and Warframes. You use Endo to upgrade them, which can be obtained as a mission pickup, traded for with Maroo if you give her Ayatan treasures, or dissolving mods to obtain small amounts from each one (I don’t recommend doing this for now).

The most basic and universally useful mods are: Serration, Hornet Strike, Pressure Point, and Vitality. I recommend focusing on upgrading those first, as they provide the greatest benefit. You don’t need to fully max them since that’s very expensive early on, but the recommended level is rank 7.

From there, I honestly recommend experimenting more than referencing guides or asking it to be explained in entirety. All that’s gonna do is confuse you more, I promise. (I will still answer specific question or offer small explanations, but I’m not gonna sit here for an hour+ typing out a comprehensive guide to warframe. It’s a game that’s easier learned by playing than reading)

-There are 3 parts you need. Neuroptics, Systems, and Chassis.

-They are farmed from the Jackal boss on Venus. Kill the boss until you have all three of those blueprints and build them once you have the materials (will take at least 3 tries, as each run only drops one blueprint). Once those 3 finish, you can fully build the warframe. Now, it’s gonna take quite a long time for all of it to finish. 12 hours per part (you can craft all 3 at once, so it’s just 12 hours if they start at the same time), and then 72 hours for the fully crafted frame. So 3 1/2 days, minimum.

-Every boss drops parts for a Warframe. The same 3 kinds are needed for everything; Neuroptics, Systems, and Chassis. Some warframes, like Limbo, Vauban, Nidus, etc, are gotten from farming things other than bosses. So yes, there are special missions for some frames. But most are still from bosses.

-There are 3 warframes available from the Tenno research lab in the clan Dojo: Volt, Banshee, and Nezha.


Thank you this helps a lot.


They added a chinese character?


Initially it was the Chinese version of the game, but he got migrated over to the global build a long time ago. Same with Wukong.

But they’re not actual chinese characters. Their powers are just loosely based on the stories. They’re really nothing special for the lore or anything.


Does anyone here play on Xbox? If so add J3ffXbox (I know creative).


I’m back! BTW, add me on pc

IGN: TheFirstEverNoob


Has anyone here done the Sacrifice yet?


I have. Got questions?