The Warframe Thread


left my computer for ten minutes, like 4 hours ago. So it shut down, thought the game would keep downloading. Turned out I was wrong still not working. 40 minutes to go.


@TrickshotMcgee, you have anything for me to do?


Why is it that even when I set everything to the lowest possible, my game is still slow as crap. If that happens, there is no way I can play warframe on pc, unless I buy a new one. I will have to stick to Xbox.

I probably deserve it tho because I’m playing on a surface pro…god kill me.

PS. Excuse me because I know nothing about pc gaming and stuff; Xbox player here.


Oof. Did not know that you lived there.

You can edit those times in the control panel. I don’t know how to do that on your computer, but I do know it’s possible.

That’s not ideal, no. Laptops in general just aren’t very powerful and Warframe is no longer as low-spec friendly as it once was. Chances are that it’s not gonna get much better. Sorry.


Only for vacation.


Is there anything I can do to make it better?


If you already have everything on low, then probably not.


I mean with my computer.


Barring getting a better one, not really. Low settings is the best it’s going to get on a laptop with integrated hardware.