The Warframe Thread


We have been fairly dormant in this thread for a good 3 months, what went on ?

New update is fairly nice but the new overlay for inventory items, especially prime items is not helpful. The previous one had each and every name for every prime part you owned. Now you just see images and you have to scroll over.

I agree its super slick but not seeing the names is a major inconvenience for me.


I’m pretty sure one material used to build burston is called “polymer bundle”, anyone have any idea where I find that?

Actually, can someone just tell me all the required parts to build the burston so I can just log on tomorrow and do that shit?


On planet chart you should be able to go to a planet and see what resources they drop.
Haven’t been able to play new update yet though so it could have changed
Edit: Yeah just hover your mouse over this bottom right icon and it’ll show you.


One of the early planets, venus or mercury, drop that. You can check which by using the method BearStream showed.

As for the rest of the materials, I don’t remember them or where to find em. But you can look at it in your foundry and compare with navigation. You can also use the dedicated warframe wiki.

Content drought (been 11 months since the last big update, and Khora sucked), no new players from here for quite a while. Just circumstance, really.


I have finally reached a spot where I can just log in and log out :smiley:

I want to play but I am not COMPELLED to, huge difference, thank the queen.


Just a few weeks out from tennoCon.
I wonder what they have in store for us along side the Venus open world.
My bets on us heading to the tau system.
I have also heard rumor that the devs are back at working on the Kingpin system again. That could turn out to be something fun.


Honestly I’m not that excited about the Venus thing. Just doesn’t do it for me. Plains was cool at first, but ultimately a let-down. It ended up being a way for them to jam space kids down our throats more by making that the sole source of arcanes.

And the fact that they’re adding entirely new materials for Venus just annoys me, because it’s going to be another disgusting grindfest. Farm fish, gemstones, and wild animals on plains. Venus you farm for basically the same stuff, but its colder outside.

The only thing I can say I wanna do there is make my own gun. Custom guns are gonna be nice, even if they’re as limited as Zaws are. I wanna make something goofy. Sadly, that also means doing the idiotic and inevitable grind for standing.

As for the kingpin system, I don’t know where they’re taking that. It was kinda odd the first time it was pitched, but it felt like a ramped up version of the existing assassin system with Stalkerbro, G3, and RoboDog. They said there were a lot of changes to it, though, so it could be interesting.

I expect DE to be riding the high from Sacrifice dropping, though. If the time between the last 3 cinematic quests is anything to go by, we might get a teaser this year for something they might release some time around next tennocon. But I honestly kinda doubt that.

Wouldn’t expect a cinematic quest (which we would absolutely have to introduce the Tau system) for at least another year. Given their track record, that’s not a bad bet, either.

I sound like such a pessimist, but this is what happens every year. I don’t expect any more than Venus, the new frame to be revealed, and maybe a surprise short quest or two.


Fair enough as far as caution goes. I just hope they at least do something unique with the venus open world using what they learned from launching the plains o eidolon.
I do hope that they have a fair amount of improvements by now as well for the sentient frame by launch. I do admit that I wasn’t to into how his early test abilitys worked.

Also, its becoming very apperant to me that not alot of people are nearly as fond of spoiler boy or the sentient bosses as I am.


Is that your dude?


That warframe hasn’t released yet. He’s the one that’s been teased to release recently.


Limbo’s been my main since his rework… So sad what they did to Stasis. I get that ally bullets shouldn’t be stopped, I 100% agree with that change, but I don’t agree with them not stopping Limbo’s bullets anymore… it was so much fun. Now all it is is a plain riftwide stun.

Anyways, besides that, I grinded Limbo Prime day 1, and got all of his parts a few hours after release. I think he’s looking great!


Some FashionFrame over here!


Thanks! I think the Riv Elite Guard set looks great on him.



Closest I could get.




Getting warframe on my crap computer because im am bored to hell.


Why the fuck is there some freaking 13000 MB update what is this nonsense?

Ive been staring at that menu shit for hours now. Im getting sick of reading all that umbra and the sacrifice crap. Download the effing game goddammit.


The entire game is pretty big, guy. If you’re sitting there waiting for it, you’re gonna get really bored. Ya can go do something else. Or tab onto something. Youtube, news, random crap online, anything.

Ever heard the saying “a watched pot never boils”? It applies to basically everything, including a game download.


haha youtube says hello to fucking china