The Warframe Thread


Oh dang…


I called someone a ‘gouger’ last night and said they should feel like shit but the message got sent to the wrong person :stuck_out_tongue: Then he said he reported me :stuck_out_tongue: Whoops.

Anyway, Ash Prime is ready and I am a bp away from building both Volt AND Frost prime. Who needs Twitch Prime, you just need to spend 600+ hours looking for them, hah ! Piece of cake !


I have to complain about being bored with the game for Baro to bring wares that k.o anything thus far.


Just got back into Warframe. This time on PC. Was very difficult to leave my golden arsenal behind, but at least early game is playable. Sure as hell more enjoyable than one-shotting everything and being virtually unkillable


Ngl, Chains of Harrow had me terrified. But I did it on PS4. Being able to one-shot everything in the system is very comforting


Sister bought Zephy prime. Dx


Definitely my favorite pair of devs. They deserve all the success <3


I have a question, where are the story mission in this game? It kinda lets you do a tiny portion of the story and then lets you sit there. Are the tiny mission dots on the map the story, cuz I don’t think so. They just seem sprawled around and don’t seem to have any story related content…


The story in warframe is kind of…loose. But if you open up the tab in the top right of your navigation screen, the first section of that window is your active quest list.

If you provided some info on what stuff you’re doing, what you have unlocked, etc, I could provide further advice.


I don’t play too much. I only have a volt warframe, I have like the first story gun they give you, but I’m trying to figure out how to get parts to make this “Burston” gun. I’ve done a couple missions, but that’s it. I really don’t like playing because the character moves around so fast and so often it makes me dizzy.

EDIT: I have Braton as my primary, a pistol as my second, and the skana or whatever it’s called as my melee.


Each weapon requires materials to build, and you can find the requirements and start building it in your Foundry (onc you have the stuff you need, that is). That’s the first console on the right side when you go down the ramp in your ship.

I found early on that turning the sensitivity down helps. Also, turning off motion blur and reducing bloom levels. When I started playing it used to give me headaches even though the game was fun. Tweaked some settings and now it’s much easier.

Warframe is a very fast game, might take some getting used to.

Yup. Braton, Lato, and Skana. Most people pick those, cause they’re all fairly good for early game.

For story progression you have to clear planet nodes, rank up by using and “mastering” more gear. Generally becoming more experienced with the game.

It is my personal recommendation to use the weapons you have until they’re level 30 at least. Then focus on expanding your arsenal.


What in your opinion is the best gun in the game?


There is no singular best gun. There’s over a hundred, different guns are useful for different things. However, the guns I tend to prefer using aren’t available to you yet. Every item has a restriction based on Mastery Rank, and different “tiers” of sorts are locked at different levels. More powerful guns are locked for higher levels.

Mastery Rank is your cumulative profile experience based on the amount of gear you’ve leveled up. More gear at max levels = more mastery rank = better weapons available to you. (Hence why I suggested keeping and leveling your gear before you move onto new stuff.)

However, the most important thing about gear is how it’s modded. Someone can take a gun that normally performs terribly and mod it so that it is vastly more powerful. Mods themselves are more important than the weapons. People can do some of the highest level content in the game with a regular Braton, so long as they mod it well.


How do you mod something “well”?

Also, a question about those mods, what do those little numbers and symbols in the top right corner represent?


Take mods that complement the weapon, mods that add damage, etc. If a weapon has a high critical rate, then adding mods that increase that would be good for it. But if it has like 2.5% crit rate or something, crit mods would do a whole lotta nothing, and that is decidedly bad modding.

For rifles, the first mod you should always add is Serration. It adds damage to the weapon. Next should be Split Chamber, because that adds multishot, which is also a form of damage increase.

Those symbols are called Polarity. All mods have one. Matching that symbol with the symbol in the slot of your Warframe or weapon halves the mod cost for equipping it. That’s very important later with higher level enemies, but for where you are it would be mostly convenience.

But if you put a mod into a slot with a different symbol, it increases the cost by a couple. Putting one into an unmarked slot does not increase or decrease the mod’s cost.

Warframe has a lot of weird and complex mechanics. Ask question if you need to, and I’ll try to answer.


What does the cost of a mod mean?


Every piece of gear has a “Capacity”. That’s just the amount of stuff you can mod into it. Each mod has a cost, which is the amount of capacity required to slot it. If you have a mod with 10 drain/cost (same thing, but different people use different words for it), then the item you want to put it on has to have 10 or more capacity to use it.

Like the Vitality mod for your Warframe. Has a cost of 2, so if you want to equip it then your warframe needs to have at least 2 capacity.

Thankfully, capacity is universal. All gear has the same starting and ending capacity. So you don’t need to worry about that kind of thing.


Okay, last two questions (for now), what mods do you recommend to put on a beginning warframe, and also, how big is this playerbase? Like is it easy to join online events?


To start with: Vitality and redirection. Most basic mods to keep you alive. If you run into an Intensify or Flow, those are always nice, but definitely not necessary starting out.

Last I recall, the estimate was over 28 million people. That’s across all platforms, but still. Very active.

As for events, those are pretty rare. This game isn’t like most MMOs that have weekly events or anything. But most of the time it’s easy to queue up for a public mission run. There’s also a chat tab dedicated to recruiting players for a mission or specific goal. I play solo, but it’s really easy to get a match during the day if I ever decide I feel like dealing with other people.

When there ARE events, it’s even easier cause events always hold exclusive (and usually fairly good) loot.

One warning, though. If anyone tries to tell you that only the “meta” gear is good and that you should use nothing else, laugh in their faces. You can do almost everything in this game with goofy shit. The most important part of it all is enjoying the stuff you like using.


Ok I’ll try to remember all this thanks.