The Warframe Thread


Oh dang…


I called someone a ‘gouger’ last night and said they should feel like shit but the message got sent to the wrong person :stuck_out_tongue: Then he said he reported me :stuck_out_tongue: Whoops.

Anyway, Ash Prime is ready and I am a bp away from building both Volt AND Frost prime. Who needs Twitch Prime, you just need to spend 600+ hours looking for them, hah ! Piece of cake !


I have to complain about being bored with the game for Baro to bring wares that k.o anything thus far.


Just got back into Warframe. This time on PC. Was very difficult to leave my golden arsenal behind, but at least early game is playable. Sure as hell more enjoyable than one-shotting everything and being virtually unkillable


Ngl, Chains of Harrow had me terrified. But I did it on PS4. Being able to one-shot everything in the system is very comforting


Sister bought Zephy prime. Dx


Definitely my favorite pair of devs. They deserve all the success <3