The Warframe Thread


I don’t like her kit.


I know how much Prime Access costs, and $50 isn’t a tiny amount either. I don’t know any more than that, but I feel like it was it because you have bought a lot of stuff.

I mean, 100% not my place to tell you, but my initial idea was to show you how rewarding it is to grind for something and get it compared to just buying it outright.


It was 350$, actually.


We can’t be friends.


More Ivara for you then?


I meant the initial $50 You gave to Tsathy. But damn. Das a good bit of dosh.

Being serious, though. Farming frames you enjoy is more fun than buying, because then you save plat for important things, like cosmetics, without having to buy more.


No it wasn’t. Warframe is a game that rewards patient people for not buying stuff but gives impatient people or people who can spend the money quick access and exclusives.
There is bo such thing as a company making a game that is meant to not make money.
(Sorry just wanted to go into that statement)


That wasn’t my point. Warframe isn’t like other stuff she plays that hard lock some things behind pay walls.

It is 100% feasible to never spend cash and still enjoy the game for a very long time.

I meant that me suggesting Katt play Warframe was because she can spend zero cash and still make progress.

Warframe is a game that allows that, and that’s what I meant.


It’s hard not to spend when I life the cosmetic items. For kritika, I have 40 skins, 20, weapon skins and a dozen wings.


If you want cosmetics then go farm stuff and sell it to people for plat.
Then you just need credits (which you get from missions) to complete the trades.


Well of course. 80% of the money I have personally put in has gone to cosmetics.

But cosmetics are WAY cheaper than buying progress. Buying Warframes is super expensive, and you get very little out of it since Warframes can be gotten for free anyways.

Buying pretty things is fine because it can be relatively cheap. Buying Warframes is what I wanted you to avoid doing.


Bear, she knows that stuff.

But Katt doesn’t hurt for cash and 100% free is less of an issue in her eyes. Spending a bit isn’t a problem for her. Spending a LOT is something she admits having issues with, and it is something she can avoid entirely here.


Just so you know I skip half of this thread, so I just talk when I see something to talk about.
Also I too have spent money in this game.


Bad practice to just jump in because you might not know what you’re talking about.

And I have spent cash, too. Not a big deal. It’s just WHAT we spend cash on.


Yeah sue me, mostly commenting while in-between matches.


But what is the point of a conversation if you don’t know what it’s about?

Just seems weird, and a bit ignorant, to me.


I’ll probably just buy Prime Warframes.


Humanity in a nutshell.


Clearly the best Warframe is hydroid



Hydroid was cool for like a day when he was first released.