The Warframe Thread


I That’s one I already sold.


So when I first started warframe I had no idea what shit what I was doing and picked a bow as my primary weapon and volt as my warframe. Now I realized I fucked up. Is there a way I can switch to a gun and different warframe?


Buy a blueprint or weapon from the market (with credits. Guns like the Braton should just be as simple as buying the gun, most will require buying a blueprint first). Warframes need you to farm the parts from planet bosses, sometimes doing quests which you’ll get by doing junctions.
You can not switch your starting equipment, merely get new equipment.


Ok thank you.:angel:


What new shotgun? O.o


Don’t think it’s on console yet, but I think it’s called the Corinth.


Ok, thanks man. It’s Christmas weekend here so if they last until Tuesday, that’s long enough for me to farm them.

Don’t need much, just scope, rounds, rush and count.


Argon scope is meh (only good on select guns), bladed rounds is good, blood rush can be farmed from Lua spy missions, body count is worse than drifting contact, and you should also look into grabbing a weeping wounds if you don’t have one. Its real useful.


Dont know, pretty in love with my vectis so argon might come in handy. If nothing else, fool’s gold :smile:

I just hope I have enough time


Ok, got body count. But that’s it ? Where are the other 4 stalkers ? Do only two of em spawn each time ? That’s lame if that’s the case.


No, they all have global health. Once one reaches a certain number or a certain amount of time has passed, the next shows up. Just gotta wait for the third one.


MR 20 in 217 hours o.o


Argon scope from 50k plat to 70. Lel


It’s only 70p? Hmmmm


10 now xD lul


Ok, BUYING prices are not indicative of what it will sell for.

People seem to only really be selling it for 250 or more still.


They’re being bought for around 40. Leeeel


Doubt it. People are putting out requests to buy for 40, but I guarantee no moron is dumb enough to sell it for that low. It may be farmable now, but it’s still the rarest one by miles


So I’m pretty much relearning warframe rn. Anyway, I got a blueprint for this primary called “burston”, and I need 600 Nano spores, anyone have any idea where to get those?


I was doing this spy mission and it took me 30 minutes to find one out of the three pieces of data so I just quit, and lost all my ****ing rewards.