The Warframe Thread


You did that first try?

I had to practice like 9 times…


I’ve finished power leveling 30 weapons today. 22 weapons are being built and now Limbo and Wukong are being built.


This reminds me. You should look into grabbing the Gladiator mod set if you don’t have it.

The crit actually stacks for Exalted melee, unlike Blood Rush. Makes a real crit build for those powers possible and it is really good. Wukong, Valkyr, and Excalibur, as well as the upcoming Khora all have exalted melee.


I only have two mods. Going to take a little break from power leveling and start doing sorties and that other thing to get arcanes.


I still haven’t done raids lol. I keep forgetting I have passable internet now.

You should have no issues with sorties, though.


Whenever I play warframe I get nascueous


Try fiddling with the graphics settings and field of view. Other than that, Nothing anyone here can do for you.


Is 2 fest 4 u


Is this good!?


Thats my man, I love him so ,much


If you use Dark Dagger or the Rakta version, sure.

However, it has a lower disposition so the buffs you get from it aren’t gonna be as good as, say, a Ceramic Dagger or a Zaw dagger riven.


Awww yeah. :c


Are Acolytes live ?


So is the new room and new weapons. And ghouls on the plains.


And the new shotgun is wonderful. 30% crit chance <3


How long will we be able to farm them, does anyone know ?


Last time they were here for the weekend.

Each acolyte has a global health pool, so it just depends on how much people farm them and how fast. But I assume they’ll be gone by Tuesday.


Sold it for 200! HAHA


Nice! I don’t have the patience to sit in Trade much of the time.


Infested Defence.

Suddenly not so difficult.