The Warframe Thread


Ah, but the difference is that you’re still not half as good as me o3o

You still have much to learn, young padawan.


I’m getting better and better though.


Indeed you are!




I need to start using rivens.
But I also get riven mods with weird and very difficult challenges.
Do a defense mission with 50+ enemies without the objective taking damage? No thank you and thank you for the plat.


My new mirage prime build.


Jeez, do you travel with a trin or Harrow at all times?


Nope. Throw up HoM and eclipse then use zenny to gain back energy + energy orbs gives me energy over time. If I had arcane energize I would get even more energy, lol. I rarely run out of energy.

Also, waiting 20 hours to take my MR 18 test.


If you don’t start practicing them, 19 is gonna keep you back for quite a while.


That one looks easy af.


I finished War Within and got a Riven from Teshin.

Had to get 35 headshots while undetected. Used Dread and then switched to the Vulkar.

Dread riven. And you can reroll em as many times as you like !



So uh, Euphona or Sicarus prime?


Depends on what you like more. Euphona has a fair bit more raw damage and the ability to be built as a hybrid gun for both crit and status (which is really powerful). The balance is the projectile drop being worse than most bows, and the low ammo pool/slower fire rate.

However, Sicarus has a pretty good fire rate, accuracy, and status chance itself. Overall it is a little weaker, bit it’s faster. Only issue is the burst-fire and some people like that better so ya never know.

Try them both in earnest lol. Nothing bad comes from forming your own opinions.

With that in mind, WAIT to get Sicarus. It is coming back out of the vault in January and you could get it for really damn cheap if you just wait a bit.


Reached MR 18, 1/3 of the way to 19.


Left my clan. They made me feel real bad about spending money, they looked down on me.


Good. If they were assholes, no reason to stay.

But you should look for another one, they’re really useful.

(I hope you know all the crap I give you about spending cash is just a joke, because it is.)


They weren’t that mean but the judgmental words kinda hurt my feelings… like when you do it.


Im sorry! I will avoid it in the future, though, now that I know it bothers you this much.


Their loss, Ms Princess Fitness. You helped the game grow more than they did, I can safely say that :slight_smile:

Made 150 + p last night from a Saryn Set and some other parts. It’s weird that one cannot trade the blueprint for an item with high MR but at the same time, its parts are tradeable.

Also, anyone got Ash Prime Systems ?


Too easy.