The Warframe Thread


And she made fun of me spending time fishing. Humph

Still, I don’t blame her for not wanting to grind. It’s not fun to do all the time.


I assume you guys are talking about a clan you guys are in.
I’m in a 3 person (1 does not play anymore) clan with people from my real life.
Not the most active clan tbh, rarely think about it unless I need something.


No, not a clan. Katt shares an account with the aforementioned Krystal and Alice, and I am their senpai. Kukuku


Ah. Then don’t mind me.


There’s like almost a thousand people in my clan. They call me Primed Wallet.


I’m a member of the Lone Rangers. We are not as edgy as we sound, I swear.



My clan told me I spent the most. They’re ashamed of what I’ve done, lol


No reason to be ashamed. It’s your money. Like 75% of it is jealousy lol

The other 25% is profound amazement that you have no problem spending said cash on a free game.


My money has boosted me to the same level as someone with 1.4k hours. 8D

Also, they keep egging me on to buy primed chamber.


Mastery rank =/= skill or knowledge

Chances are they’re better at the game than you if they’ve been around that long.


Not skillwise, I just have more weapons, frames and stuff because of money. Hue hue.

But, yes, my skill is average. My knowledge is low af. Glad they teach me new things every day. Like index stuff.


They say my money has funded that Mirage Prime video and the Excalibur umbra. Ayyy.


I thought the Megalyst eidolon was big, but god damn Rainalyst is a megazord


I failed my MR test. v.v again.


Go practice it!


F0kin nub. o:


I didn’t think there would be a more frustrating thing than failing your MR test.

Hitting the daily trade cap showed my otherwise :weary:

It was a good day yesterday, though. I traded my Nekros for a whole set of Nikana. I got 4 sets now :stuck_out_tongue:


Reached master rank 17 and it tells me I’m already 90% to 18.


I am 67k mastery away from MR21. I am in no rush lol


I’ll be 20 by this Friday. Catching up to you, old man. : P