The Warframe Thread


People ask for it because they like numbers and the meta kiddies tell them they need it.

I absolutely support selling it to the idiots who don’t know any better, but it isn’t at all worth the cost.

Nope. But Frost is coming out of the vault next month and you can farm it then instead of buying it. (Especially considering that Frost parts can be rather expensive)

I don’t have them, no. But Trin is still dirt-cheap, so it should not be tough to find really cheap.


They’re adding fish tanks and that locked door in your ship will be able to display your warframes.


Fuck it. >_>


That is a spoiler for anyone who has not played quests.

Just btw


Warframe is several years old. >_>


Those quests are not. War Within isn’t even one year old.

So those are still pretty valid spoilers.

You don’t have to get rid of it, but putting a spoiler cover over it wouldn’t hurt either


Currently building 41 weapons I made with just resources. I forgot all about blueprints…


MR 15 a few days ago and now almost 17. D: Someone is going ham.


Jeez. Katt should probably slow down, she’s gonna get so burnt out when there is nothing left to level.


I’m already burnt up. 23 weapons left to level up and 28 being built.



Wow. That’s a lot more than I would even be able to stand. Props to you for having enough patience to grind it all out.

Still, though. I would recommend a break. There is a new frame and a few guns coming out this month. Wouldn’t wanna be too burnt out to enjoy them.


I’ve been up since 8 am grinding. Reeeee


You are definitely a masochist.


Failed my MR test for 17. Kms. Fml.


Practice them in the relays. Several times. Then do the real thing and go through ez breezy


Should have used Ember, oh well. I’m done for today. Aiming for 18 after this … yay… \dies.

My fingers actually hurt…


Yeah, maybe just take tomorrow off lmao

You’ve done a looooot of grinding


I still need sooooooo much. T-T


Meh, I like taking my time leveling stuff. It took me 2 years to get to my rank at this speed and I am fine with that.


Krystal refuses to grind for me and Alice JUST WANTS TO FISH.