The Warframe Thread


You could always just… NOT buy platinum. That’s super cheap and you don’t have to deal with the Store.


I keep hearing that you don’t have to spend a dime on the game to get the good stuff. Is this false? I mean you seem to be spending a lot of money so I’m not sure.


You don’t at all.

She just wants to.


Thanks for clearing that up! I’m only at Venus rn cause I haven’t been playing much.

The game is super fun I’ll give it that. I feel the only problem is that I’m kinda stuck with a bow which I would prefer to have a rifle now. I’m very dumb lol. My melee weapon is feeling a little more weak now though which is a little upsetting as I don’t think I have the means at the moment to get a new melee weapon. Other than that I’m having a lot of fun with it!


Well, have you tried going to the market and buying the blueprint for a rifle yet?

Also, you can power up your weapons with various mods, but some are more important than others. For primary weapons, you want Serration. For pistols you want Hornet Strike, and Melee needs Pressure Point.

Those are things you should look out for, as they are possibly the most useful things in the game.

But yeah, the Market is where you’re gonna get a lot of weapons from. Buy the blueprints with credits, and then craft them in your Foundry.

If you have not joined a clan, I recommend finding one with rules that suit you. I joined a soloer’s clan a while back and it has made me a lot of friends through this game. Clans are really damn useful. If you’re not the most active person, then you’ll want a more lax clan.

But yeah, for now, just explore the options you have, unlock some planets, and level your gear when you can.


My money. I do what I want with it. >_>


Oh I know lol

I was just messing with you. And a little jealous because I’m broke as fuck lmfao


You could experiment and give me someone control of funds for a bit.


I don’t give plat out, lol. Especially to strangers.


I think he meant control of your personal funds. Which is a much bigger “nope”.


Ok got some pretty nice pieces this morning. To sum up, I am one Frost Prime BP short of building him and I also have a Primed Heated Charge (whooooooof that trade tax).

Now I gotta pull some creds out of my bum before Baro leaves. Hope his shit wan’t be crap this week.

Katt, meet Georgie. Georgie, meet Katt.

Now we now each other :smiling_imp:


Baro has Primed Pressure Point. Oh yeeeeeeee . . .


Good thing I have that already. Haven’t been playing so I have no ducats or credits.


Baro has primed ammo mutations… What. Trash.


Primed pressure point is ultimate “meh” easily one of the most useless primed mods, right after P Slip Magazine.

It is only 45% stronger the the original. Now, that might sound like a lot, but it is 45% base damage. So if you have a weapon with 100 damage before mods, this only adds 45 more damage than the normal pressure point would. Which is decidedly very little in the grand scheme of things.

Unless you have a ton of credits, endo, and forma to spare (waste), i would not bother with it yet. Grab it, but you don’t need to prioritize maxing it out. That mod was designed as a time/resource sink for all the bitchy asshole vets who always said “baro never has anything new, make something”. So they did. And it is mostly pointless.


I am gonna be staying up tonight :grin: the power of coffee will compel any heathen feelings. Like tireness.


Is Frost Prime any good? I got it with Twitch Prime so I’ve been using it a lot. Want to know so I can change if it isn’t good.


Maxing it out won’t be on my to do list, at least for a couple of weeks. I will buy 3 or 4 of em. It will pick up on price later on and I will keep one for myself. Worked wonders with Primed Fever.

Frost Prime is pretty good in Excavation and Interception events due to his Snow Globe. 3 out of his 4 abilities have already ridiculously big range. With a couple of corrupted mods he could be super useful. I am one BP away from building him myself so I am on the lookout for that.


Primed fever strike is a much larger stat upgrade than primed pressure point. Using that would actually be worth it.

Just gonna let you know – it is not actually “better” than the normal version until it hits like r8. So it is even more useless if you don’t max it. Unlike basically every other primed mod, which is fine if you don’t max it.


I saw lots of people asking for it in the market and over at Maroo’s. So why not :slight_smile: Will do some index runs tonight.

Do you happen to have Frost Prime’s BP by any chance or maybe Trinity parts apart from BP and chassis ?