The Warframe Thread


This is my Inaros build. I could probably add another forma, but it is perfectly suited to how I play him.


Mom farmed 7k oxium tonight. owo am very proud


7k in one night?

Wow. That’s some dedication.



In three hours ouo


Primed Flow doesn’t need to be, and Equilibruim is not worth maxing tbh. Not with Focus the way it is now. (There are plenty of people who don’t even use Flow in some of their builds, so it’s really not necessary)

As for Steel Fiber, it’s because I like the even 100% armor, the extra 10% doesn’t bother me.


You’ve been playing for years though!


Correct. And they still have not needed to be maxed. And it’s highly unlikely I’m going to be maxing them any time in the near future.

As weird as it might sound, it just isn’t necessary to do so. Mods in this game are just so over the top most of the time, and almost none of the r10 mods need to be capped for really any reason.


You’re unfinished mods are triggering my ADHD and my OCD!


Gril, I have been living with my mother And sister’s OCD mah whole life. I know what it is like, and mods would not trigger it. Unless you hold Warframe as a daily ritual and play it often enough for something off or different about it to annoy you. Which I am pretty sure you don’t since you’re way too hyperactive to have any OCD about anything.

Even so, the exact 400 armor pleases me far more than the lack of a 10th glowy dot annoys me.


Wao. That’s rude but accurate! ☆DEFEATS YOU IN WARFRAME☆ ouo all our primed mods are maxed out hue hue hue


I know lol


That would be possible if money could buy skill but, alas, it doesn’t. You may be rich, but I’m better at it.

And how many hours have you spent putting forma on things just to fit them? Probably quite a few, I imagine.


More Powah though.

I’m not rich!


Yeah, by like 10-15%. Not mucho.

Oh, so you aren’t rich or gud. Glad you cleared that up, I’ll remember that.


You sonevabetch. ☆shoots the Lenz at you☆


Hydroid Prime finally cooking. Yus


It’s just so nice to just be playing relics and come across stuff you didn’t think you would. Like Ash Prime neuroptics, Carrier Prime carapace and Nekros Prime Systems (set sale bundle along with Despoil sucka !). I could use Ash Prime systems, anyone here got one of these ?

Also, I started branching out to Steel Meridian and now I can buy relics consistently, what with syndicate missions and marks/emblems stacking up :stuck_out_tongue: Just way more fun than farming them, I feel like I am opening booster packs for MTG :smiley:

Also, HOLY FUCK that Primed Vigor looks tasty. 400 days, huh ? 325 to go :stuck_out_tongue:


325? We’re still at 65 ishdays D:


I’m at 520 and change.


We got mirage prime. owo


Can’t believe I have to resort to this because Ps4 store is dumb af