The Warframe Thread


Why not? It’ll make him even stronger.


But that’s the point. He doesn’t even need to be. You likely won’t be able to see almost any difference in his performance.

Arcane like that are better used on frames that can’t do the things he can. He can heal insane amounts easily, he has insane tanking ability, but there are plenty of other Warframes who could use those arcanes.

I mean, spend a bazillion plat buying them, but it’s a waste to use them on him because he gets almost zero tangible benefit from it.


Couldn’t get any arcane grace offers. Bought 100 Orikin cells instead.


My inaros build.


Interesting build…but it doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.

Any particular reason you have so much power strength?

I’ve always seen Inaros as a CC/tank instead of a frame with strong killing abilities. Just seems odd that you’d kill his efficiency and give him no range buffs.

It’s not a bad build by any means. As long as it works. It just seems like a lot more work than a CC build would have you doing.

Also, his Scarab Swarm augment is really, really good. Recommend checking it out. Helps a lot with some of the crap that hits you in high levels, shockwave spam, slash procs, etc.


Replaced blind rage with overextend. Also, buying 100 Orikin reactors really really pissed me off. I swore to my guild that I would never buy resources again.


So I recently got Warframe for my Xbone cause I though “Why not? It’s free might as well try it” and I’ve been having some fun with it. But I do have a question. I linked my account to my twitch to get his prime skin thing and I was wondering what’s the difference between a normal Warframe and a prime Warframe.


Difference between a normal warframe and a prime warframe; not a lot. Prime warframes come with there own looks (for extra swag), minor base stat improvements (never anything to write home about) and some extra polarised mod slots (which can be achieved with forma anyway).


Thanks for the fast response! Yeah I was thinking it would be minor differences otherwise I would have heard people complaining about them.

Onto the next question. I am mainly using my weapons and not my abilities since I don’t have much energy to use it. Should I be relying on my abilities more? If so then how can I increase my power so that I can use more than like two charges of the more powerful ones or should I be using the base one which only takes 20 power iirc.


For the most part, weapon usage alone should get you decently far (level 20?) but it will certainly come to a point in which you will want to be using your abilities often and in some cases, having buffs up 24/7 (frame dependant). Personally I don’t like ability spam, but some people/frames will practically kill everything with just abilities.

To increase the energy you have available to use abilities, keep your eyes open for these mods:

  • Flow (extra max energy)
  • streamline / fleeting expertise (extra energy efficiency, abilities cost less)
  • Rage (damage to health gives energy, very useful on healthier frames)
    (There are many more ways to get more ability casts available to you, but these are the easiest to get early on)

But again, it depends on the frame you are using. Some depend on their abilities to be successful and require truckloads of energy but destroy everything. Some don’t need to use their abilities much to be successful or their abilities cost very little. Two questions, which frame do you currently have, and which theme appeals more to you, a tank frame, support or damage frame?


Mom got burned out from playing hydron so much to level up dozens of frames and weapons o.o


Not a surprise at all. Anyone would be burned out after that shit. Super boring.


Smh. We’re getting mirage p this Thursday o:


Nice! I am actually really excited about that myself. The Akbolto Prime are real pretty, and Mirage P is definitely way better than the original.


Yesterday, the whole trading chat went bonkers.

I somehow ended up with a whole new set of Nikana and now I am 2 chassis away from having 2 more Saryn Prime sets. Hydroid to my surprise is a highly sought after Frame, wonder why. I put my own one in the oven and traded a bp of his for a Neo S8, Saryn BP, NIkana BP and Saryn Neuroptics.

I love the days before Vaulting comes knocking. The next one to be vaulted must be Vauban with Fragor and something else, right ? Have to get busy with his relics.


Mum won’t buy PA today, sniffles


Mom wanted to buy 7k oxium for over 2k platinum. \o.o/


God damn it, Katt. Don’t buy resources! ~has an aneurysm~


I know! I told her that and showed her a spot to farm oxium!


Akbolto Prime with 36% crit chance ~drools~

And I have a muthafuckin riven for it.

It also has 4 innate polarities. God damn I am going to love this gun.