The Warframe Thread


You wanna know how it feels to get Heavy Caliber on the 2nd try when you actually TRY to get it ?



Wow, DE is throwing a pretty heavy nerf Gara’s way.

Her 4 is now going to have a health limit that is the same as Frost’s Snow Globe, but she is receiving no compensating buffs for that.

Great. Her only decent ability is going to be her 2. Fun times.

That’s some bullshit.


That sounds like a very big pity, her Crystal Wall was super useful, especially on Io and Despina.


Thats a justified nerf, casting an unbreakable Wall that enemies can’t walk/shot through isn’t actually fair especially that Gara’s 4 was much better than Snow Globe.


Who cried for this nerf? The enemies in the star chart? Lol. Her 4 was fine for enemies in PoE but not for the ones in the star chart, apparently.


I never said it didn’t need to be nerfed, but the planned changes to the wall make it worse than Snow Globe in every way.

It was already iffy defense on some maps, namely Corpus and Grineer defenses that have upper levels (there are a few), as well as the only Void defense map where half of the enemies shoot you from above.

The only reason that ability was any good was because it was invulnerable. Frost can stack globes and reinforce them up to a million HP. They can be placed in multiple areas. True, they allow enemies through, but it’s also ridiculously cheap to cast and a recast throws enemies out of the globe. He also has 2 other reliable CC/attack abilities, something Gara utterly lacks.

Overall, I agree it could stand to be changed. However, their planned changes are absolutely retarded because it takes away just about the only unique thing about the wall.

I am all for diversity between abilities, but this just makes it SG, only with less range of coverage and less health. Hell, even more limited CC since the second a Bombard looks at it you’re gonna have 2-3 sections of the wall destroyed and shit’s just gonna walk right on through.

To top that off, it takes forever to cast any decently sized rings and is really energy hungry unless you rum with efficiency, which you didn’t have to do before because you didn’t have to recast every 30 seconds.

It’s just poorly thought out, honestly.


My guild got mad at me when I told them I buy credits with platinum.


I’m mad at you for that!

That is such a gigantic waste of plat omg


I’ve always done this. So I could buy primed mods. D:


Farm credits! They are one of the easiest things to farm!

Smh Katt.

Also, what fool told you to just buy all the primed mods? Baro brings them. Takes a while, but you could get all of them except one from him for free. And a small fraction of the credits required.

Only one worth having immediately is Flow, and that’s not even necessary if you have Zenurik focus.


I don’t want to freaking wait for Baro. Reeeeeee. Also, they helped me out at the Index, to get credits. Lol.


Well I’m glad they helped you. I was always worried that clan was a bit much for you guys, but it seemed to end up working out. Originally I only recommended it because I knew Krystal would appreciate the name (Which is exactly how I found the clan I have been a member of for like a year and a half lol).

To be honest, almost none of the Primed mods are worth the sheer amount of credits and endo they cost to rank up. I use the shotgun damage one, Flow, Continuity (on some stuff) and Pistol Gambit. And of those, only 2 were worth maxing.

Primed mods are not always what they’re cracked up to be. Mostly they are shinies for people who have too much time and a massive buildup of resources.


But. They’re shiny. My friend also told me to invest in arcane grace for Inaros.



Do not purchase arcanes. They are alright, but are pretty much 0% necessary.

If your friend needs Grace on Inaros, then they are using him very, very incorrectly.


How is that one bad?


It’s not bad at all. It could be rather useful in some instances. However, it costs an absurd amount of plat to buy a set and the arcane system is utterly idiotic.

Also, a health regen arcane is not something Inaros needs at all. He regains HP with his abilities super easily.

It would be an outright waste of platinum.


He showed me what it did and it made him even more tanky. Less time spent healing more time spent in combat.


I know what it does. But it’s still not necessary.

Also, use Inaros with a covert lethality dagger and healing is just instantly killing an enemy with a finisher.

I mean, you’re gonna do what you want to regardless of what I say. I’m just trying to tell you it doesn’t matter on him at all and save you the platinum. The 2 seconds he needs to heal without Grace are pretty much irrelevant. Especially since he has like 4 ways to get health back to begin with.

Being more tanky doesn’t matter much when you’re all but immortal to begin with.

I don’t mean to sound like an asshole about it, I’m sorry. Just a little annoyed your clan-mates feed you so much bullshit.

Arcane Grace would be better on a frame with no healing abilities, but take a lot of damage anyways. Chroma, Mesa, etc. On Inaros it’s pretty much wasted entirely because he is too easy to keep alive for that to matter.


So. Get the one that boosts armor?


I…dont think that’s amazing on him either tbh. He is already an ultra tank with basic modding. Frankly, I think Inaros is the last frame you would need an Arcane on.