The Warframe Thread



Whyyyyyyy. It is cheaper to just buy the maxed mods most of the time.

Also, there is only like 4 mods even worth maxing.


What are those 4?


Primed Pistol Gambit, Primed Flow, Primed Continuity, and Primed Target Cracker.

Maaaaaybe Primed Reach but you don’t ever need to actually max it for it to be great.


Damage mods don’t need to be maxed?


Only one worth a damn is Primed Point Blank, and most shotguns are more than powerful enough that they really don’t need it.

Primed Pressure Point (i forgot the name lol) is 0% worth it. Admittedly Heated Charge and Cryo Rounds are good, but do not need to be maxed to get a ton of benefit from them.


What’s a good nekros desecrate build?


Desecrate is such a cheap power, doesn’t really need a dedicated build.

That said, his Despoil augment pairs extremely well with a mod called Health Conversion. Makes him rather tanky. You can build him any way you want and it doesn’t matter for Desecrate (except negative range)


I just started playing Desecrate normally with the Corrupted mods and Equilibrium. DIdn’t know about that Simaris mod, I am gonna put that on my to do.

Zephyr should be ready today. Time to blow up the cosmooooooooooooooooooos !


I want to get Inaros. ^^;;


Baro Ki’teer sells the Sands of Inaros quest, which is how you get him. And he comes back around in 10 days. You might also be able to trade for the quest, but that’s gonna require plat.

Inaros is fun, though. Really tanky and has really good crowd control. Great frame.


We just need the final jar quest for him. ^^;; 5 denial bursas.


Nice! If you were on PC that would be real easy, but alas, the razorback is not live for you guys.


Saryn prime build?


I don’t use her a whole lot, but it mostly doesn’t matter to be honest. As long as you try to keep all her stats positive she performs really well.

Only thing I think all builds should have is her Molt augment, which heals her when you use the power.


I usually run damage, efficiency, and range when playing as Saryn, but I only use her for Hydron, Sedna/any defence mission.

(My shitty placeholder build for her at the moment, don’t remember what I was going to change it with, but I think you might have some guesses)


How do I even Die with inaros… >.<


You have Vitality and Steel Fiber on him?

If so, whenever you’re low on health, just hit an enemy with your 1, and then use a finisher attack on them.

Alternatively, put Rage on him and Life Strike on your melee, then use channeled melee to damage enemies and regain loads of health that way. (This is how I do it the majority of the time)


I might have to get Heavy Caliber on the Tonkor to make it hit harder. With Jet Stream, I will need to hit the floor to hit stuff. It doesn’t quite reach up to Lenz, mainly because of the lower critical hit chance.

It’s a really fun build but I have to get Tonkor Forma’d to better handle level 89+ enemies cause I entered the Index with Zephyr by mistake and I was hitting them but not nearly enough :stuck_out_tongue:


We got Inaros. Hooray.


Enjoy effortless immortality