The Warframe Thread


I am good on my Desecrate Nekros to start helping squads along with loot. Last night, I didn’t know it was me but during an extraction, the whole map was littered with power cells !

Also, at what point should begin considering undertaking sorties ? What criteria (for example, Mastery Rank) must I fulfill in order to try and come out on top ?


Bought Gara. Ayyyy.


Wish I had the plat for that. Took me until day before yesterday to farm her.

She’s real fun.


What the hell happened to Tigris prime?


Nothing. It wasn’t changed.


Did you find out what was up?


It wasn’t even Tigris, it was sybaris I was using, lmao.


Finally ! Someone other than me posted here !

Got a whole lotta platinum this week, about 300 of it and I got a Nekros set ready to sell. I will be Exalted for Red Veil come tomorrow and I will finally be able to build Zephyr’s Tonkor build :slight_smile: Cannot wait to try the instasplosion :smiley:

I also decided to sell my Axi A2s after refining them to radiant, should net 50p each.



She looks like she’s about to do that Dark Flame Master pose.


Yeah, that Mag skin makes me reconsider not keeping more platinum lol.


Pretty spoopy.

@TrickshotMcgee Did ya buy nekros new skin?


I did not. I don’t play Nekros until I need a specific material farmed and am not in the mood to play Hydroid. Not gonna spend that much on a skin for something I hardly use.

That said, it’s a really damn fine skin. I wish DE made all skins at the quality the Nekros and Mag ones are. The ember skin was a travesty, and volt didn’t get a good one, either.


Yesssss. Ember looks like a burnt rooster… But the other two look freaking amazing. So much dedication and love went into them.


@TrickshotMcgee so I bought 4.5k P, what should I buy with it?


jesus christ…

I wouldn’t buy anything with it, except some slots, a couple cosmetics, and then sit on the rest for stuff you’re going to actually need down the road.

Do not just drop it on dumb shit like Rivens. Please.


Anything for PoE? Any good snipers?


I have a personal distaste for snipers, but Lanka is one of the better ones. Rubico, as well. But both have fairly reasonable crafting costs.

That said, I use Opticor and Sybaris on the Plains just fine. Never felt I needed to use a sniper.

Despite being such a massive area, snipers are never necessary for engaging enemies.


Bought loki for 350 P.

So Lanka is good?


Katt. Why do you do this to me? Breakin mah heart.

And yes, Lanka is good. Projectiles have travel time, though. It’s like 100m/s, but still. It is the only sniper that doesn’t need a riven or Argon Scope to reach 100% crit chance.


Bought that incubator thing too. So lance Jr doesn’t die.