The Warframe Thread


Operation Plague star has started… Who is going to get into that?

The most notable possible rewards include: Fulmination, sacrifice, snipetron, infested zaw parts, infested exodias, rare fish bits and a mod set that comes with its own set bonus.


I’m gonna do it. Only actually give a shit about the Zaw bits, though.


Not caring about the mod set?

Personally I am interested to see if the boil with have any long lasting effects on the plains/cetus.


Meh, I am not interested in set mods in general. With how shitty the current mod system is, they just feel like a really bad idea that DE didn’t really care to think through properly.


Fair enough.


I missed out on an Orokin Catalyst because of my 24 hour shift. Now I am tired AND pissed off that my Nekros won’t have double the capacity.

I ain’t gonna get into Plague Star, I still have loads to grind for Prime Gear when I get home, I need new trash relics, plus I gotta try Nekros’ desecrate ability. Am I reading this right ? It doubles your loot ? How can I do that efficiently, it takes up a lot of energy !


So disappointed in PoE.



Glad you weren’t playing during War Within’s release. The several-month wait was absolute shit.

Made worse by the fact that you could explore literally everything new in 3-4 hours.

At least PoE has the new Zaw system and a couple other things to keep occupied for more than one day.


Have you tried the bounties? Those things are a “blast”.


I got the War bp from Stalker yesterday.

I would use Broken War to make it but apparently, the one from Stalker himself came with a slot AND a catalyst so I am having second thoughts. What do you guys think ? Keep it to use it or use it for War ?

Also, holy hot damn, Braton Prime works great with Nekros !

And this:

Circumvented via Depleted Reload. I can fire very fast but I need Serration. I have lots of ideas for the gun but I don’t wanna waste a catalyst on one that has a Prime version.



Such a damn shame DE hasn’t really put any more real effort into operator customization.

If they didn’t look like poorly-modeled 13-year-olds I’d like them better.


Yeah, the warframes look so polished but the operators look… really really bad.


So what is better ? Farming for Relics or opening a Syndicate Pack ?


The two aren’t mutually exclusive. You can do both. Wear a sigil on your frames while running relic farms and grab a relic pack when you have the standing for it. Easy peasy.


Hopefully that pore mapping and other visual improvements effects the operator.


Ok, I need a bit of help. Does anybody have a Lectis Prime Receiver ?

Edit: nvm, got it :slight_smile:


Just took down my first Eidolon solo.

Jeez with right Frame and weapon they go down pretty fast tbh.


I got my Vectis Prime cooking and with a Orokin Catalyst on the alerts.

And it’s today that the toilet chose to clog itself.