The Warframe Thread


Wow. People are so mad about the next event not having leaderboards. Lol

They need to get over themselves.




Well sure, I will give you credit for that! And then Katt drops a whale on it lmfao


All hail my great Nekros Prime benefactor, @BearStream !


So I got this mod that increases draw speed on bows and now I can actually use the Daikyu… I’m so happy.

I’ve been playing around with Oberon but he’s so squishy on Ceres… Need to level him up quite a bit.


I am in the middle of constructing a Vectis for which I have some beastly mods. Charged Chamber, Depleted Reload and Serration. I am gonna double its capacity and use it to get some affinity with Saryn Prime. It’s gonna be a bit like Widow’s playstyle on Mass Effect. SIngle shot, zoom out to speed up an animation which you can cancel.

Anyone know a good weapon for a Nekros ?

Also, I just checked out the requirements for Exalted status in the Red Veil . . . I was so happy I finally got a Saryn Prime chassis yesterday (to sell when it gets vaulted). Now I have to do it AGAIN.


Prepare to be disappointed.


Elaborate ?


Vectis, like all snipers, can be frustratingly slow.

They also have annoying mechanics like shot counters (it works the same way as the melee combo counter, and it’s stupid). They also can’t hit 100% critical chance without either Harrow or Argon Scope (except for Lanka, because that gets crit chance when zoomed in).

More still, their damage is low for how slow they are, though Vector with a bunch of reload mods is decent, but still weaker than it should be.


I was also considering Lanka but I saw it was a charge up sniper so I called a hard pass. As for being slow, I don’t have a problem with that since snipers tend to be on the slow side of armaments. You have to aim, shoot cancel, reload cancel, animation cancel, the whole she-bang, that’s how I did it in Mass Effect so it doesn’t bother me at all. In fact, I welcome it :slight_smile:

But I like single shot snipers and electricity so I might try Lanka with that corrupted mod that cuts your magazine size. Final thought, Heavy Caliber is useless. Serration is the same and takes up less space, why does the former exist ?



There is no animation canceling. If you do, then you’re just making it take longer.

Because you can put both on your weapon at the same time and it is a massive damage buff.

And it’s not completely useless. I use it on a couple weapons. Only explosives and Ignis, though.


Actually there is. Try reload animation cancel with Soma Prime, you can basically cut her reload time by half with well timed roll or melee.


Doesn’t work every time. Similar thing happens with the Sobek, but it isn’t consistent.


Ok, my potato Lenz is ready. My Nekros is two hours away from completion, I am a neuroptics away from another set for him and Vectis is all ready.

I am also on the penultimate rank for Red Veil :slight_smile: And I am stupid because I now have to gather lord knows how many credits in order to be ready for Baro. And on top of that, I won’t be able to touch the game until tomorrow noon. Cause I have to work for 24 hours.

Fucking hell !


Just grab a credit booster and do The Index(not sure if you can, but I would say it is of high priority); you can become a millionaire when it comes to credits fairly quick;y.


How does the Index work exactly cause I have seen it in the chat but never bothered to find out what it is.


In order to do The Index, you have to complete The Glast Gambit quest(a quest given by The Perrin Sequence(Need to complete The War Within quest). Once you completed The Glast Gambit, you can do The Index freely(excluding the credits needed to enter it). Each level has its own cost to enter and reward.

E.g., Low risk - need to pay 45,000 credits, you’ll get 75,000(plus what you spent) in return, but you have to get 25 points to get the credits.

Also, the longer the match goes on, the enemies become more difficult to kill, so put that into consideration.


Checked that out, I need to complete the War Within first. Don’t know if I wil have the time until Baro comes :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: played around with Lenz before coming to work this afternoon. That thing is an animal.


Downloading the newest update!


The Plains are fun, enjoy!