The Warframe Thread


Redo: gt is V0id 0m3g4. No underscore. Got a bit mixed up. Now feel free to add me for warframe or anything.
Feel free to utilize me for sorties, raids(you can be MR 1 to 24. Il help regardless), and new player help. Anything really.

Ps. Happy holidays


If you happen to have Thief’s Wit or Loot Radar (warframe mods), use them to make them appear on your map. You can even scan the same one multiple times to get to Phobos. What I mean is scan, complete mission, repeat same mission, scan again.


I found out about a concept that is 100% new to me when it comes to these games with yellow numbers and damage numbers and Diablos and shit. Dread can score double criticals !

Αlso, Nyx is awesome and fun ! I was doing an Interception mission this morning and a Corpus was messing with the tower console only for a mind controlled ally of his to bonz him across the bonz from behind :stuck_out_tongue:

Also also, there is a mod called Argon Scope that drops only when Acolytes spawn which are an event. Well, here’s hoping they will spawn during Christmas time or something so I can farm them. How long did the event last last time, does anyone know ?


I also wanna point out the fact that when you revive yourself, you do it at the cost of the XP you gained for leveling your weapons up to that point in the mission. If you die too many times, you might negate all your progress in the mission, XP wise.


About 3-4 days on PC. It’s not an event, per-se. It’s got the same mechanics as a Fomorian or Razorback, where players kill them and their global health decays.

I should let you know – this is a heavily overrated mod. It can be neat, sure, but it provides far less of a damage increase than the similar Acolyte mod called Bladed Rounds.

You can only rez yourself 4 times per mission. After that, it is an instant fail and you lose just about everything. But you can be revived by teammates an unlimited number of times, with no penalty.


Argon Scope is more of a mod to help improve mods like Bladed Rounds; giving yourself the opportunity to get orange or red crits is kind of the main reason why people like Argon Scope.

(For those who don’t know, orange crits double your critical strike and red crits triple it(the red crit is an assumption, never reached that far with my crits))


The thing is that, for most guns, Argon Scope doesn’t do a whole lot for them. Many that actually use the mod don’t use it on stuff like dread, because dread doesn’t need it.

They use it on things like Tenora, Stradavar, and Latron Wraith which all have mediocre crit chances without the mod, while still being considered crit guns.

And from there, ALL that does is make crits more consistent, not actually stronger. There are few guns where Argon Scope would help reach orange crits consistently.

Orange crits double your crit multiplier, and red is 4x.

However, you’d need like 50% base crit chance to get 200% on a gun with Argon Scope, and only like 4 guns have that.

In short, there are very few weapons that Argon Scope would even rival Bladed Rounds for. And even then, it’s more for quality of life or consistency than it is actual power.


Yeah, I agree that its opportunity is minimal, but I like it because of what it can do. Plus, it can be nice with Harrow or a nice Crit Riven.


Well, I already have my Dread for that and a Tonkor and I was able to roll in orange crits but not reds. As of yet, that is. I gotta agree about Argon. After checking Blades out, yeah, I jumped ship. Blades is way more consistent.

Were these mods difficult to get during that time ?

My Trinity and Ember are ready ! Ember was built for Tonkor so I will be putting these two together. Anyone know of a good pistol for her ? For some weird reason, she looks like a cockerel :stuck_out_tongue: I like that, I am fresh off of Gwent and I adored Kambi in that game !

Finally, Saryn Prime. I am one BP short of building her, any thoughts ?


I forgot to mention.

I could really use the Firestorm mod so I am posting my referral link here. If you are new and you wanna begin playing with a week long boost to XP so that you level up your weapons faster, click the link below :slight_smile: The more people click it and start playing (you have to complete 10 unique missions for my referral to count), the better !


How many Primes do you have? Prime Warframes.


The only Prime in my collection so far is a Burston :joy: Saryn Prime will be my first Prime Warframe.

Why ?


Just asking. You should be aiming to get all prime warframes in two to three weeks.


Ok, that’s a silly thing to say. YOU aimed to get them all that quickly.

The only ones I would say to get quickly would be Spira and Nikana Primes, since those are going to become unavailable in the next couple months.

I recommend spreading the grind across a much longer period since it is a pain in the dick for non-tryhards :stuck_out_tongue:

Sad to say, it is mostly useless. Pretty much just a QoL mod that costs about 20k endo to max out. Not worth using any of them unless you have a bunch of spare mod slots and spare endo to vomit out freely.

They also aren’t hard to farm.


That’s . . . not possible with my current work schedule. I am self employed and I can only put in decent hours maybe once a week ! It would be easy if Prime parts for the SAME warframe came from the same Relic but for example, Nekros Prime and Hydroid Prime have their respective parts split not just between different tiers but also vaulted and non-vaulted relics.

So, 3 weeks to get all the Prime Frames, for me is pretty impossible :open_mouth:

Checked the list on my phone and apparently I already have it . . .


All Warframes and weapons in rotation have all of their parts in relics that actually drop. There is obviously overlap with vaulted stuff, but you can always get everything that isn’t vaulted.

For example, if Nekros prime’s systems are put in a relic that get a vaulted, they get added to a new relic that is just added into rotation to keep all of his parts available until he gets vaulted.


I have no interest in these two weapons :stuck_out_tongue: Spiras especially. As for the Sword, I could go for that Galantine Prime Blueprint.


Nikana Prime is actually really good. Sure, not as good as Galatine Prime, but they are totally different weapons.

Nikana Prime is more powerful than you’re ever going to need it to be. Gally P may be more powerful, but I enjoy using Nikana Prime more. Spira Prime are some of the best silent secondary weapons, so you should get them while they’re available.


Speaking of which I need to farm those up.
Those weapons are a pain To farm though.


The only bad thing about GPrime is the attack speed. Which is why I gave it to my Volt.

As for Spiras, I used their normal version. Was NOT impressed. At all. If the mats come my way, sure but right now, I could do without. What I would like is for that DAMN CERNOS PRIME GRIP TO DROP ! I would also build Lex Prime but I lack the receiver.

Also, some people say Mutalist Cernos is better than Dread. Thoughts ?


Look up a mod called Berserker. Real good on Galatine Prime. (On almost all crit melee, actually)

Well, for starters, the prime is better. And you did add the crit mod, right? Pistol Gambit. Necessary for the weapon to be anything that resembles strong.

I can see why they would say it, but I would say that’s not the case.

Mutalist Cernos is a status weapon, while Dread focuses on critical damage. They would be used for completely different things, though Mutalist stops being useful for more than the status effects themselves rather quickly. Pretty much just useful for Viral or Corrosive procs after enemies hit the end of the star chart.

Cernos P, while fun, is kinda underwhelming. Not as good as Rakta Cernos, Dread, or Paris Prime.