The Warframe Thread


Is that a primary gun?


Yes. One that carried me in my early days.

And you can also use Syndicate secondary weapons, several of which are powerful.


I have zero shotgun mods



You don’t have Hell’s Chamber or Point Blank? Weird, those drop pretty early on. Though I don’t imagine you’ve spent a lot of time in the Void/Infested/Spy/endless missions, have you?

Lots of mods are going to be found easily in Survival and Defense wave rewards. Hell’s Chamber is one such mod. Point Blank drops in the Void and in Spy missions as Vault rewards (could also get it from a certin Infested unit, but farming enemies for mods is tedious)


Is Warframe F2P but pay to win?


Not at all!

Warframe is one of the few F2P games where you can get just about everything for free. The ONLY things that cost real cash that can’t be gotten without paying are cosmetics.

What’s more is that you can trade in-game items for the premium currency, so you can actually earn that for free as well.


Seeing as how you’re almost always facing AI enemies I wouldn’t say it could be pay to win since, you’re getting rid of half the game by buying the stuff…


Nice! I’ve seen a bit of Warframe’s art style and it perked my interest, I just don’t have the cash if I needed to shell it out to compete :joy:


Oh, you won’t.

I will admit, not buying platinum in the beginning can be a little tough, but it gets a whole lot easier as you go along.

Warframe is a PvE game, so you don’t really need to worry about competing at all unless you decide to do the broken and unfun conclave mode. You can play without any contact with other people at all if you want to.


I wanna get Atlas. \o.o/ How do


Plat or do the quest he is tied to.


Can you trade for the blueprints?


Nope. The only blueprints you can trade for are Primes.


☆screams internally☆


If it makes you feel better, the quest boss he is tied to is 200% boring bullshit.

…wait, that doesn’t make you feel better. That makes it worse.

As of now, he is the ONLY archwing boss, and takes an eternity and a half to kill without grinding the hell out of archwing.

Not difficult, just tedious.


I need some help, I am looking to sell some of these rivens, do you have an idea of how much they are worth?

I am currently using that sicarus one on a sciarus prime and holy moly, it destroys everything (except to grineer :frowning: ).


They are worth 1 prime part each. I will be happy to meet the requirement for the Soma mod.


Really? I see some people trying to sell rivens similar in power (particularly similar to that sicarus one) for like ~500-1000 platinum. I understand that is a ridiculous price, but it would be worth a bit more than that, wouldn’t it?

And what sort of prime part?


Um, yes sure 1 prime part is the, correct price, the other prices are fake news.
And I would say a Prime Mag Chassis. Or you know any prime part, but the direct equal would be a Mag Prime chassis.
Specifically my Mag Prime chassis would be the equivalent of your Soma Riven. Or you know, anyone’s Mag Prime Chassis and anyone’s riven, but you know, my chassis and your Soma riven.


Well, taking weapon popularity and capabilities into account, the Kama one is pretty worthless. It has low stats, even for a machete. less than 10% for either crit OR status, which takes away virtually ALL scaling. TBH you could burn that one for Endo and you probably wouldn’t lose out on anything, but I could see it selling for 50p if you find the right person.

Hek one could possibly hit 300p, maybe more. It’s a good gun, and extremely popular.

Ignis, similar, but that’s an uncanny Riven. Have not seen ones with that much damage and no penalties. I would not be surprised if you could sell it for 600+.

Sicarus Prime recently got buffed (twice) and is presently an absolute monster. A Riven like that might sell for 400+. But despite being really strong, Sicarus P is vaulted and the buying market is a fraction of what other guns are. It’s also a burst pistol, which is super weird to use compared to things like Lex Prime and Akstiletto Primes.

That Soma one is pretty damn good for a Soma mod. Being that is has really low disposition, it won’t really offer anything over most things you’d replace with it. However, the vast majority of players are morons and if they see a crit stat they go crazy. I’ve seen (and sold) worse mods for 400p. Could see that one hitting there.

Rivens are worth more than Prime parts. Lots more. Never make that trade. Ever.