The Warframe Thread


If you happen to accidentally hit the arrow too close, it’s basically i stant death.
That cold proc keeps you in, then the explosion gets ya. 2 arrows? That’s twice the death.


You know you can roll out of it right? It requires a quicker reaction, but it is 100% doable. You can shoot it right at your feet and still roll out if you’re quick.

The two arrows mostly follow the same flight path unless you use Heavy Caliber, so you should still be able to escape.

Now, I have killed myself a time or two, but it’s nowhere near as bad as you’d suggest with a post like that.


Now if you want a suicide gun use the penta, that’ll do it.


I love the Secura Penta!

Of course, I also never used Tonkor pre-nerf, so I didn’t get used to spamming mini-nukes at my feet and expecting to be fine.

Explosives are simple :stuck_out_tongue:


So I just got my Split Chamber an hour ago. I grinded to the point where I would sit at my bed with the controller, 2 meters away from the screen and I killed Ruk for what was probably my 50th try, only to see a gold thing drop.

It didn’t appear at first and when it did, I screamed at the top of my lungs :laughing::laughing::laughing:

Oh and did I mention I have Dread ? Potatoed ?

I also made the Tonkor, Twin Gremlins ( for which I already have multishot ) and an electric whip. Now, about Nyx. Is she good ? Is she fun to play ?


She’s great, and that’d be up to you. If you like causing mayhem on the battlefield and making enemies fight each other then you’ll love her. If you like meditation you’ll like her.


Alright so I got my hands on some plat (traded) and I have enough for a warframe slot.
Out of these guys, who should I get?

Atlas (having trouble completing the quest, I am not good with archwing), Equinox, Harrow (have not done the quest) Inaros (1 part away from completion, Nezha, Nidus, Octavia (similar to Atlas, quest not done), or Wukong.


I would personally say Inaros, because he is one of my favorites.

Good CC, mega tank, and is overall pretty balanced. Also one of the easiest frames to mod. Pretty much just need health and armor. Does really well with melee and has 0 trouble being basically immortal, even in sorties.


Well then I’ll get some Argon tomorrow and build the systems, and then when those are done build Inaros.


I am supposed to have Ember and Trinity tomorrow. Also, I have discovered the magic of the Warframe app. Now I don’t even have to boot my PC to get my extractors going :stuck_out_tongue:

Cannot wait to tackle the story with Nyx, I will get my rank up to 7 with her I think. I even ranked some big creds yesterday because from all the farming, I racked in 350 k.

Wait what ?

Baro gives you a quest ? And NOW you tell me ?!?!?!

I red up on his quest, good stuff.

Also, question. Is the 50 day log in reward the same for everyone or no ?


The 50 day login reward (and all the special login rewards) is the same for everyone. I believe it is a free orokin catalyst, 3 day affinity booster and a sigil.




All the milestone rewards, which are every 50 days, are the same for everyone, yes.


Is there any way to obtain orokin cells reliably? Where can I farm them?

I also need one (just one) control module to craft Oberon…


Orokin cells have a tendency of dropping frequently on Saturn missions and from the Lt Krill and Vor assassination mission.

Also, farming for a mod from the Saturn boss for 3 hours straight helps a bit. Each planet has an icon on his side that tells you what resources it has. Set up some extractors to get you going while you are away from your PC.


I went to the Dark Sector missions on ceres if i ever needed Orokin Cells. Saturn also works, but Gabii had the highest material drop rate of any node in the game AND it is infested, so the enemies are mooks. Easy farm. Saturn also drops them, but I find it is easier to sit in a survival or defense than it is to farm that annoying boss repeatedly.

Control modules drop a lot in the Void. At least, for me. I have a couple thousand of them from messing around there.


I don’t have any of those planets/moons…

Time to start unlocking nodes and planets, sigh.


That should be a priority tbh. As you unlock more planets, more resources become available and easier to farm.

It also lets you know how to get stronger. If you need better or different mods, upgrading Warframes, etc.

You can burn through Earth missions with an unmodded Excalibur and a Braton, but you’ll have a real hard time with that on Neptune. Planet unlocks are really important for story progression, as well.


Yeah, I’ve been doing a lot of alerts, quests and void fissures, so I waste a lot of time I could be spending unlocking new planets on that. But I need to scan 3 fragment thingies on Mars before being able to progress on to Phobos. I LOATHE finding hidden objects with a passion (it’s nice to stumble upon them casually though), are their locations random or is there a guide I can follow?


I think there is some form of guide. I don’t know where it would be, though.

But the fragments are easy to find. Big light blue glowing balls that sit on the ground. As long as you keep an eye out for them, they don’t take much searching.