The Warframe Thread


It’s fine. I’m too elite for you. :,^)



You wish. I have over a year more experience than you, and I don’t have to follow other people’s builds for modding!

To segue that, I get Zenith in 2 days! Gonna be so good.


But I’ve done everything you’ve done in your lifetime in a few weeks. Thanks to money. 8D

Jesting aside, I’m still learning new things everyday about Warframe.


Good. Lots of stuff to do when Plains comes out.

And you on console are gonna have it easy. Devs have dropped like 11 hotfixes since PoE came out adjusting stiff on us innocent PC players.


Ok I am super mad right now.

I was made a 4channer (i.e. a clan member that can invite people and build stuff but cannot research or add to the treasury) by our illustrious clan leader and I cannot research stuff.

. . . there are no words. And since there are no words, there is no Wukong.


Well im going to be installing warframe again after mankind divided, anyone on xbox


Im on xbone. MR 18.
My gt is V0id 0m3g4

If anyone wants, feel free to add me for some warframe(and some evolve if ya ever want an extra player)

Edit: i botched it. No underscore in my gt. Got mixed up with my steam name.


So, hi there. I just started playing like 2 weeks ago and I already got my bae Mag and the starter weapons (I chose the MK-1 Paris, the MK-1 Kunai and the MK-1 Bo) up to lvl 30.

I somehow managed to get my hands on a dual heat swords (or whatever the name for them is) blueprint and somehow had all the resources for it, so I crafted them and started playing around with them.

I can’t see myself playing any other Warframe tbh, Mag is just so fun and flexible. I love crowd control characters and Mag excels at pretty much everything. I just spam Pull all day long.

I also managed to get my hands on a 75% discount coupon on day 1 thanks to the daily rewards, so I bought 1000 plat right there. I bought a couple of cosmetics for the Paris and a syandana and I’ve been spending a bit of plat here and there when I’m too impatient.

Been having a blast.


Glad you’re having fun! It’s a good game.

If I might make a suggestion, though–

You should save that platinum as much as you can. I can pretty much guarantee you’re going to want, and like more than just Mag in the future. When that happens, you are gonna need warframe slots. As your weapon collection grows, you will also need more weapon slots. These can only be gotten through platinum, so I recommend you save it. Especially this early on where cosmetics matter less than usability.

You’ve got a real long road ahead of you, too. Lots of gear, frames, and mods to collect!

If you need advice, I would be happy to try and help.


Yeah, I did read up a bit on what I should be spending my platinum on, so everything I’ve spent has been under my own responsibility heh. I just got another 75% discount though, so there’s that.

I don’t really mind giving DE some of my money. It’s impressive what they’ve done with this game. It also gives me hope regarding what TRS is going for with their new IP if they manage to get the business model right.


So . . .only today did I figure out the optimal way to go about doing Void Relics.

So many people go to recruit and form groups where everyone has THE SAME RELIC. For the drop rate of a specific part to increase since in the end, you get one of 28 different possibilities if you mix types up and one of 7 possibilities if everyone has the same as you.

Caught up on that and during that, got Tigris Prime on the way. And I also found Dread which is endgame worthy, apparently.


Yeah, DE neglects to explain a lot of these more important things to players at any point.

You sound skeptical lol. You would very much be surprised what good modding can do for that bow.


Zenith get!

600 days of logging in for this beauty. Definitely worth it.


I think I have a riven for that.
I take all transactions in plat or worthwhile trades.


I am not in the market for one, but I appreciate the offer!

Just not looking to break my wallet yet.


I sound skeptical ? Yeah, I guess I do but general consensus is that the bow is a beast.

Which is why I decided to track down its multishot.

1.01% drop rate.



Dread is amazing. It goes nicely with Ivara.


All guns should have multishot mods on them, by the way. There is literally no reason not to. It’s pure damage increase.


Lenz with multishot…
Double the self killing!


There is no logical reason to self-kill with lenz. It’s the simplest explosive to use.