The Warframe Thread


Yeah, everything works on energy. A lot of times it’s only hard to come by when you don’t properly manage it, though. So spamming Bladestorm a lot is gonna make you run out of energy faster.

However, there are a couple ways to get it back. Using gear items and some weapons/Warframes have energy regeneration as a bonus. Gear items are far more consistent, though.


Lot less scary once you’ve been playing for a little while. Guns are a huge asset in the game, and are quite powerful. Helps a lot when you’ve got a double-barrel sweeping through the baddies.


Sounds like a good time for my Tigris Prime. :^)


There were 2 hotfixes today

My poor internet can’t handle this ;-;


Can’t wait till that’s ironed out, definitely wanna play with you, that’ll be so much fun


@Delphox if you’re just starting out we should party up. Be scrubs together!


Delphox is on PS4, right? Thought you were on PC, Breezy.


Darn it. Nevermind lol


Breezy is on PC ? Yay ! What’s your steam username ???

Also, I check out a bit on Loki and I have to get to Neptune in order to get him.

. . . no comment.

BTW, my Oberon is ready to wreck some faces. I also plan on getting Saryn Prime, probably tonight, I will open a couple of relics.

If Cernos Prime grip doesn’t drop I swear to Simaris . . .


In that case, I’ll be their senpai and teach them how to be elite.


My Saryn Prime will be finished tomorrow.
I’m also really close to Nekros Prime, but I need his Nuero. And I need to get regular Nekros to level 30 before he is built, get that mastery rank.


Soon, soon. I’ll tell you when I get back my PC.

I’m on PC too.


That’s awesome, I can invite you guys to my clan ! We got our lab going today !


Oh guess I’m all alone on PS4. <\3


It’s ok Katt. We still love you, even if you’re on the wrong platform.


I play on it, just not lately cause PC master race and all that jazz.


I believe that my Steam ID is the same as my name…feel free to add me and help me lol


You can’t add people on Warframe with steam names. Gotta be your in-game handles.

In my case, it’s the same thing because I have a fantastic username, but not everyone is the same way.


Then I believe it’s just BreezyStarfish

I’m simple like that lol


Hope it won’t be a problem with the time difference. I am in Greece and you guys are Stateside. Eh, here’s to the clan !


Name is Hadrosaur Hero.