The Warframe Thread


Eventually, forma are gonna be the annoying drops for you lol


Yeah, cannot wait to get there.

I sort of already am with relics. I am extremely pissed because Cernos Prime grip won’t drop and I keep choosing Formas :stuck_out_tongue:


Just asking: Is there something like an assassin? Like, burst damage and stuff?


High damage with abilities and stuff? Yeah. Lots of Warframes have really high damage output with just their powers.

As for the theme of assassin, the only one of those is Ash. He does have the hands-down strongest ultimate, but he’s clunky and can be hard to use. Also requires a bit of set-up and a fair amount of energy to do so.

A lot of Warframe is more centered around weapons than using abilities to rain hell, though.

I mean, there are also more than 30 individual Warframes, too. A bunch of them are damage-focused, so if you’re going for that, you’re not short on choices. But if you’re only looking for “assassin”, then you’re kinda limited since only 1 really fits the bill.


I like high-risk / high-reward stuff. Any others like that?


Nah. Buy those 150$ platinum packages and buy all the things!


Gimmie a minute to get to my PC and I’ll have you a list :stuck_out_tongue:


High risk, high reward stuff is pretty small list tbh. A lot of frames have some form of defensive or crowd control ability. I left them off since there’s no risk to playing them.

-Ash, as mentioned. Has an ability called Bladestorm that deals a few thousand per hit and it ignores all armor and all but 1 form of damage resistance. Really powerful, but he is rather squishy. He also has an ability that teleports you to an enemy and lets you do what is called a ‘Finisher’ on them. Just an animated kill move that deals tons of damage, normally fatal. He also has a radial stun with invisibility, which is actually super good.

-Banshee is kind of the epitome of high reward. She is thin as tissue paper, but she has an ability called Sonar that acts as a massive damage multiplier. Mine sits at about an 8x damage buff because of my mods (and can stack multiple instances to increase it more). She doesn’t necessarily do high damage herself, but she enables utterly ridiculous levels of it. Higher than any other single buff in the game. Only Warframe who can hit the couple billion damage cap, actually. Her ultimate ability is also a large-radius AoE damage + permastun. She’s very powerful, but very easy to kill if you don’t watch out.

-Ivara is stealthy with her Prowl ability, which turns her invisible. She’s rather squishy, but she easily has the ability to be one of the best Warframes for melee damage. Being invisible multiplies melee damage by 8x, and she can stay invisible indefinitely if you do it right. Outside of that, she has an ability called Artemis Bow, which deals a scary amount of damage itself. One of the stronger ultimate abilities, as well, since it gets more powerful with the mods on your primary gun.

-Nova is squishy, but has 2 really good (like, top-tier good) abilities. Antimatter Drop is a slow projectile you can throw out and shoot. Can stack up to around a hundred thousand damage. It’s basically a nicely sized ‘delete’ button. Her ultimate is called Molecular Prime, which is a wave of energy that slows enemies and forces them to take 2x damage from all sources, and causes all killed enemies to explode. Combine with Antimatter Drop for a very large ‘fuck you’ zone and a whole lot of chain killing.


If you wan’t an assassin I play Loki or ash. If you want flashy assassin ash, you can select key targets in mobs like eximus’s and execute them. If you want disruptive assassin, Loki. He can basically be invisible permanently, disarm enemies and switch positions with anyone. He avoids like all damage to, but in return he’s so squishy. But there are ways around it with mods, so it’s not a problem in high level play.


Something really important, though.

When you start the game, pick Excalibur!

He is, by far, the hardest Warframe to farm. I know I just bitched about Gara, but Excal’s grind is just so bad…


Best DPS frames are probably, Excal Ember Mesa Saryn Wukong Valkyr Ivara etc.
Basically frames with exalted weapons or high aoe frames


He’s also one of the best frames in the game, which new players fail to see, he’ll cut anything down really.

Edit: I mean Chromatic blade is digusting, was it even necessary, he has some of the best late game potential with his kit alone. One of the best designed kits thus far


Yup. Delphox was lookin for for high risk, high reward, though. Mesa, Saryn, and Ember don’t really fit that category, since they are all good at either avoiding damage or negating it entirely very easily.

Wukong is honestly just immortal. Same with Valkyr, just to a slightly lesser degree since her ult is real energy-hungry now. And Excal can just basically nullify and eviscerate anything that could be a threat in about 3 seconds.

Smh I was just listing stuff he was asking for :stuck_out_tongue:


Honestly there’s not much high risk in the game, unless you use augment mods really. A lot of frames are getting tools to really last out in these fights makes me happy.


Well, it depends. Playing solo through Corpus sorties with a Banshee is risky since she’s made of paper and you’ve got nobody to rez you when a stray Comba shot hits you like a train after nullifying your Silence.

In fact, I think the game itself lacks risk in general when you’ve got people to rez you. Solo is really just the best experience IMO. Harder, but more rewarding.


Yeah i’m a fellow solo player, But hey i reccomend you use Sacrafice.
It’s god tier for us, and primed sentinel revive.

Nasty combo, helps a lot on high levels.


I mean, I have no trouble with the game. The only thing I am not able to solo at this point is the new Eidolon. The Teralyst. And that’s only because of the small fuckers that pip his shields and make him invulnerable.

I’m not burning 2 mil credits and 40k endo for a couple extra Vacuum revives. I’ll just take a Trinity, Inaros, or Chroma to anything that’s giving me trouble and wipe it off the map.


Preach, he’s a beast.


That’s actually exactly Ash. lol

But the problem is that Warframe isn’t really balanced around Warframe abilities, funny as that sounds. And because it’s not an arcade game, we have limited use of those powers. It’s not LoL where stuff is on a cooldown and you’re really only going against 2-3 people at a time. We have to face 20 or more enemies at a time sometimes.


Everything works on energy, then?

I’ve gotten too used to LoL and MOBA

That sounds scary…