The Warframe Thread


Got your own dojo?

That’s quite the investment, well done. Tried that when I was newer and it did not go well for me.


Some of us got together and we started bulding one from scratch. I have been supplying them with Formas cause I have loads of BP.


Well, the forma aren’t so much of a problem. Can grind those pretty easily

Just uhh…

Wait until you can research the Hema. Bit of an outlier for how crazy the resources are for newer players, but there’s a few other shitty ones to farm for as well. Hema is just the worst.


I saw it, the blueprint bought from the marketplace is way less grindy to pull off. 50 neurodes via lab ? GTFO :stuck_out_tongue:



I love wukong though, he’s one of my favorite frames



You think the neurodes are the hard part. Actually chuckled a bit there.

No, the neurodes are comparatively easy. It’s the fuckin Mutagen Samples that are horrible. Especially if you’re anything above a Ghost clan.

He only takes a couple of them lol

Still, Nitain is probably the worst thing to farm since you can’t just get it. DE was on drugs when they thought that one up. As if OG Vauban wasn’t already a pain in the dick…


Rhino is a good tank.


Rhino is a good tank before level 50.

After that, he kinda falls behind Inaros and Valkyr. Only works well as a tank in some circumstances then. Better long-term as a damage buffer with CC.


Yeah ghost clan master race, me and this dude i met are the only ones in our clan. He did everything by himself, make life so easy. I love the WF community.


I am in a clan of three.
I refuse to let other people in the clan because I don’t like other people. (and it keeps things cheap)


I am in a Moon Clan. Love all the people that chat in it.

Ghost clans can have up to 10 peoole without costs changing at all. It is wiser to have the max for low ranks anyways, that way costs are more reasonably split.


Mean to ask about that. How are levels calculated in this game. My Rhino is rank 30 at the moment. Are we talking about mastery rank 50 here or what ?

BTW, got kicked out of the server this morning, probably because of maintenance. Missed out on Animal Instinct :frowning:


I meant enemy levels lol

Sorry about that, should have been more clear.


Oh thank Simaris.

Cause I was like ‘man, I must have progressed like 0% this far if there is a lvl 50’ :stuck_out_tongue:


So you suggest I never purchase? Just grind?

Which I am fine with btw


Absolutely, yes.

For most stuff, the grind isn’t bad. As long as you try to get 1 thing at a time, the it’s relatively simple. It’s when you look at a list of 10 things and think “I need ALL of this” that it starts getting annoying.

I recommend saving platinum for cosmetics and necessary things like Orokin Catalysts and Reactors, as well as weapon and Warframe slots. And, when they go on sale, affinity or resource boosters to lessen the grinding.

Now, like most people, you’re gonna buy a frame or weapon at one point. Everyone does it. And that’s fine, just make sure you have leftover platinum for buying things you need.

I am presently saving plat for the new Mag Deluxe skin because it looks fantastic. Also, the new Warframe (Gara) because for some reason DE thought

“Naaaaahhhhh it’s totally fine to give her parts a 7% drop chance. People are gonna love this grind!!1!!!1”

Spoilers: We actually dont.

She would be one of the 3 frames I would say it is not a waste of platinum to buy from the store. Honestly.


Sounds good to me!

I’m trying to save up for a new rig to make this game pretty anyways.


I never spend platinum on anything other than slots for Frames and weapons. I also use Formas and Catalysts sparingly.

And the grind is fine as long as you don’t set your sights on one specific thing. The advantage this game has over something like Diablo is that while getting gear is a bit cumbersome, there are no restrictions to who can use what (even MR becomes irrelevant) and there is no specific class loot with some minor mod exceptions. So EVERYTHING goes with EVERYTHING.


Forma are pretty easy to come by, though. Get them from relics and they are a rare drop in endless derelict missions.

It sucks to grind stuff back up to max, but forma can really help how some weapons and frames perform. They are super useful. (I would only use them on things I like, though.)

Catalysts and reactors, yeah. Those should be used sparingly since they’re rare to get for free.


Oh I bet they are but not yet for me, I gotta unlock more planets :stuck_out_tongue: I am close to clearing up Europa.

Plus, I could really use some more extractor slots.