The Warframe Thread


I have the time to play during the week only certain times each month but I check in daily for the rewards and every time I come across something new in my stuff. Today, it was Ayatan Treasures.


Apparently one of the highest player counts per hour for the game came because of Destiny 2 being released :stuck_out_tongue:


Its fucking time boys, the updates out lets do this


I won’t be able to download it until much later tonight, but fuck yeah.


I am waiting to explore the new area until tomorrow when my friends can play, but I did a little initial looking around to get a taste.

This is going to be good.


Had a few encounters with eidolon’s, they do not go down easy. Gonna need a stronger amp i think, or some help. Barely got away


There’s like so much to do its crazy, and things to obtain.
So from what i’ve gathered fighting the eidolon’s you have to aim for the knees with your amp. I only crippled it, never got past that, i don’t think im strong enough yet. But it did fall


I wanted to log in to get the reward for today and to my surprise, it started downloading something huge. I am gonna do the main quests and tackle this.

Also, funny story. I had like 4,45 euros sitting in my wallet and I was like eh, let’s buy some platinum to use for some new weapon slots. The cheapest pack was 4.50. I laughed myself silly and got back home last night. I logged in and scored a 75% discount coupon for platinum.


So i killed an eidolon.


They’re so fun to fight .
Tip use corrosive projection or shield disruption, helps so much!


You’re having fun, but meanwhile in the boonies…

I still have over 2 gigs to download, and I have been trying since it dropped.


I think DE swung and missed hardcore with the Ember deluxe skin.

It’s been a meme for a few years now that she looks like a chicken, but her deluxe dials that up to max. It’s honestly just horrible. If you’ve ever seen a rooster, it’s basically that look on one of the most feminine Warframes.

Super disappointing.

Ember is one of my favorite Warframes, but they fucked this up really badly. Glad I bought a TennoGen for her.


Is this game open-world?


Mostly no. The majority of it is just missions in random tiles.

However, the recent update introduced the Plains of Eidolon, which is an expansive area. Something like 9 kilometers.

But it’s not like Destiny, if that is the mental image you’re getting.

You should give it a shot, though. It’s free so worst case, you can just uninstall if you don’t like it.


Yeah that’s trash, i will not be buying this lmao


I’m waiting to see it in-game. See what effects are on it.
If I remember correctly people didn’t like the Nova skin until they saw it in game.


Biggest issue with the asuri skin was the helmet. The poor base color choices didn’t help that any, though. There is also a lot of space that you can’t color yourself, as well. Just black texture no matter what. That always annoys people.

My problem, aside from the atrocious appearance, is that it is very distinctly ember. They could model swap the normal ember out for that and it wouldn’t be out of place. It looks like any regular Warframe. It’s not ornate at all, not elegant.

But worst of all – She is still a fucking chicken. Something people have been saying they hated about her design for years. And DE decided to dial it all the way up and then some.

Other deluxe skins change how a Warframe looks. This one is just a different take on the same look. Just poor design, imo



Our cat died.


You should have gotten the incubator thing like I suggested.

Still, they’re not hard to make.