The Warframe Thread


This is, obviously, a thread about Warframe. A place where you can ask questions, show off your fashionframe, or just talk about the game in general. Will try to field any questions people may have. If I don’t personally know the answer, I’ll definitely do my best to find it for you.

You can also list your in-game aliases for others on the same platform to add you.

(And if you’re on PC without a clan, let me know and I’ll do my best to secure you a spot in the clan I’m in, the Lone Rangers, as a start.)


Tagging @Tsathy because raisins.


Tsathykins here, I’m on PS4.

MR Rank 5
31 hours play time ouo


That’s actually a good idea.

TrickshotMcGee is my in-game alias (PC), same as here and basically everywhere else lmao

Mastery Rank 19, about 1500 hours of playtime.


Please help me. Am dumb. o3o I need all the advice I can get.


Well, what are you doing in the game at your current state of progress, and what is your immediate goal?

But really basic advice is to get all the “necessary” mods, which I sent you before. Then work on upgrading those so your weapons can handle the enemies you face.


I’m on Europa now! I’m just doing those weird quests now.


“Weird quests”

Junction requirements? Or an actual quest?


Actual quests. Gawd


But which one? I can’t offer advice if I don’t know what you’re doing lmfao


Stranger things I think.


The New Strange, would be the quest.

What enemies did he tell you to synthesize? And do you know how to get Synthesis scanners?


Are those regular scanners?


No. You have to buy them specifically from Simaris. Go to his area in the Relay and the right side of the room will have a little shop-type thing. Synthesis scanners are purchasable with credits, though they are way more expensive than traditional scanners.

I also recommend speaking to him directly and running the capture simulation.


Warframe, you say?

Only recently started playing. MR 8, PC, In-game name is Nicuri. Already completed almost every planet, only one left is Eris.

Also, Limbo best Frame.


How are you liking it so far?


Pretty new player on PS4 here Kappa. Only have 1500 hours logged and 3 years of exclusive weapons.




I just finished that quest!


How far are you from Uranus? There is a good quest that starts there.

And you are MR6, yeah? Go to the market and get a Tigris blueprint. Real good shotgun.