The walking dead thread

I’ve been having so many good topic ideas and just thought of this one, what’s your favorite parts from the walking dead(TV show, or comic)!!!
Edit: the game counts!

The game was my favourite.

…I’ll leave now. >.>

That’s fine, must edit thread now.

Which game though

I was talking about the Telltale ones. :slight_smile:

Haven’t read the comics, but I really liked both the show and the game. :smile:

There are two games though, season one and season two.

I know, I liked both. But Season 1 more cuz Leeeeee.

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Poor Lee, but season two had… SPOILER


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My favorite part is how they keep beating the proverbial dead horse repeatedly for money

Yeah it’s great!

Bearded Kenny is best Kenny.

Yes, otherwise he would be all sad about that kid that died, can’t remember his name, I just remember he was… Well… THE most annoying character ever!

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His name was Duck.
And he sucked.

Ah yes, actually no he was the second most annoying character was sticky from Fallout 3…Oh no the stories… Please help.

Meh… I don’t mind. ^^