"The Voice" star Christina Grimmie shot at Orlando concert, she was 22. UPDATE: Suspect Identified


Grimmie finished third on Season 6 of “The Voice.” She was discovered on YouTube, where she has a massive following.

Before the shooting, the singer posted video on social media encouraging fans to come out to the theater.


Grimmie’s brother tackled shooter after the shooting and the Shooter shot himself.

update 1:


Heard about it. Sad news really


Tragic for the friends and family, and I can’t even imagine how traumatizing it must’ve been for the fans being down there and seeing that. They just wanted to come together and enjoy music but some dipshit had to go and ruin it for everyone.


Wait, why?? Why did he do that?


we dunno know yet, its still an on going investigation I guess. My guess is some mentally ill fella with a gun.


Update: It shooter (a man) turned the gun on himself after the concert.


Don’t know who she is but it’s always sad to hear someone so young died in such a horrible manner.


Just horrible, she was so talented and nice, I wasn’t a “fan” but my brother was and most of the time he showed me her YouTube videos. I’m wondering what kind of person could do such a horrible thing and then, like always, to avoid punishment they kill themselves.

May she rest in peace.


Was going to make a thread about this since it really hit me hard. I followed her on youtube for so many years and waking up to this news was so devastating and unbelievable. Still in shock.


My sister watches her videos and follows her, long before she was on the Voice (I hadn’t watch it in years now) and she wouldn’t believe me when I told her about it.

It was very brave of her brother to tackle the shooter before he could hurt anyone else.


Who… Huh… Rip