The Video I wish Everyone Who loves Evolve and Videogames would watch


This video(and its title) has some NSFW language.

Look @TRDevs, I love you guys and Im buying Evolve on day one(you’ll have to pay me to pre-order it though), but this just has to be said for the sake of the end consumer everywhere.


Very disappointing review, I must say. This video has already been posted before though so this topic is now closed. New replies are no longer allowed.


Couple of things. First, this has already been posted and that thread burned to the ground more or less. Second, he’s got a LOT of misinformation so be prepared for flak. Second, while I applaud you for first day buying, I don’t understand why you don’t pre-order at that time for the free goodies. I can understand you saying it on principle, or waiting for reviews to hit before punching in the sale, otherwise it looks confusing.