The upcoming new characters


With the new adaptions to the first four hunters and the first two monsters, I think that it would be amazing if all the hunters and monsters got adaptions. Since there is meteor goliath and elder kraken, TRS should make one for wraith or for every character in Evolve. Adaptions are really cool and I personally want more. I think some of the gamers who play evolve think so too. So please make more adaptions TRS.


There are a lot of confirmed adaptations in the work currently.


Back before the game went F2P, the devs confirmed that they would be making a variation for all the base game characters. This means there’s still another 8 hunter and Wraith variations that are confirmed to be coming at some point.

As for the characters that used to be DLC, we don’t know. They’ve said they’ll consider it so I guess we just have to see how well Evolve S2 does.


As long as the player count stays high then I’m certain we will get variants for all the hunters. If TRS were to rerelease the game,which they have, then the best way to support it would be to add the character varients as well as maps :slight_smile:


Devs did mention that they are going to split the Jetpack Booster and Shield Drone between Sunny and Sunny’s variation when it comes, so I guess T4 is in plans.


I agree, I’d love to see an adaptation for all of the hunters and monsters!

Edit: I don’t think anyone should think of the T4 and T5 hunters/monsters as DLC hunters any more, every character is a DLC character now, in a way.


Just occurred to me that it’s probably just us vets who still think of the characters as tiers. They a thing of the past now…


I started thinking of them more as “heroes” a while ago :stuck_out_tongue:
Since they haven’t been releasing as 5 packs (1 Monster, 4 Hunters)


It’s been confirmed that they are doing at least up until Tier 4 Adaptations, as @GentlemanSquirl (or maybe it was @Insane_521?) stated that they wanted to split Sunny’s Shield Drone or Jetpack Booster between her and her Adaptation, giving them each one of the two and an entirely different ability after. Sort of like what they did with Bucket and Mechanized Recharged.