The UP, OP, and Balanced Medics

Paladin at the moment is relatively close to being balanced. Unlike other medic who are either too healing focused, he has to constantly evaluate whether he needs to heal himself through the shotgun, or use the rocket launcher to heal teammates. This is what you would call GOOD GAME DESIGN. When a medic has to constantly make hard decisions that’s when you know… To edge Paladin towards balanced, his rocket fire speed should be a tad slower, and the righteous fury should increase his fire rate a bit more. Right now, it makes sense to save righteous fury until focused, thus making the decision of how to use righteous fury relatively easy. Monsters have been largely unsuccessful with trying to “confuse” paladin into blowing his righteous fury because it does not hinder his ability to heal his teammates ENOUGH if he does NOT use it.

Let’s talk about Slim:

His main strength, and obvious annoyance to many monsters is that he’s almost impossible to kill. Now from a balance perspective there’s two popular ways to think about nerfing: nerf his strength so he’s more of a jack of all trades(yawn) or nerf one of his weaknesses(ooo, neato). His main weakness is healing others at a distance, and that should be amplified to make him more balance, SPECIFICALLY when it comes to downs. His healing bug gets people up too quickly for how strong his other attributes are. His downed healing numbers should be nerfed, and that would make the game more fun to play for both sides. (That being said, he should still be encourage to heal burst around the downed body.)

For monster, getting a down would still be tough, but more rewarding when it happens. For Slim players, there’s more of an emphasis on correct positioning to heal a teammate through a fight. This will also create some openings for the monster if a Slim player decides to just leave a bug on a downed teammate so they can continue to chase hard. In other words, teams would have to decide to either chase with only two people, leave a bug and chase with 3, or get a revive and chase with 4 but be slower because of it. Right now leaving a bug is typically the easiest and most overpowered choice. His downed healing might have to be increased to compensate for poor bug healing.

Making Slim to be a CQC healing for healthy hunters and downed ones is honestly the most logical conclusion to make his unique playstyle engaging and fun. It really doesn’t make sense to try to make him a distance healer, or someone who excels at healing people from all distances via a tighter pellet spread.

Back to Val:

Val is really an oddity when it comes to design because her kit is all designed around long range, but when the dome comes down a lot of the range aspect of her kit becomes SIGNIFICANTLY less useful. Her kit isn’t not really designed for great chasing, nor does it allow her to survive very well in a dome. Her medigun is great at distance healing, rarely will you get an open down with perfect line of sight. Val’s medigun needs a buff so that it does not break for a second or two when line of sight is broken. Positioning for Val’s medigun healing is actually very skill intensive, and should be toned down to make it more fun for hunters trying to get healed.

Val and Caira need self-sustainability improvements, like how Papa has RF (DR) and Slim has his personal heal.

I was thinking Tranqs give Val some sort of perk, like DR or betteryet, decreasing the monsters damage to her. She should also have a faster HB so she isn’t so vulnerable.

Caira either needs a faster AF, but shorter duration and cooldown (kinda like Trapper Planet Scan), or some sort of perk while using it, like HR or DR so it can be used for her self-sustainability.

Emet just needs a slight buff to his buoys so they aren’t as fragile, and a way for his beacon to be more consistent. Or if his beacon is meant to be inconsistent, then he needs stronger heals, especially stronger self-heals since he has no self-sustainability.

RVal and Quira just need healing buffs.

Laz needs to be able to revive through light melee attacks, otherwise he is fine.


Caira dosn’t need more self-sustain to be honest. With 6 pills, she’s on par with Parnelladin without the weakness of being unable to heal multiple people efficiently (since she has heal burst, and a larger grenade radius). In case of emergency, she can pop acceleration field for ultimate roaching power.

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Exactly how I feel about all the medics except Laz. He either needs his healburst to cool down faster or he needs his personal cloak to not be shown by DoTs, and he’d be viable. Right now the only way he works is with double class cooldown, but then he has no real self-sustain perks and can’t get away.

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First off, she has the default 5 nades, with Gold capacity she has 6. This is no different than if Papa chooses Gold capacity.

Secondly, her healing via nades is slightly stronger than Papa’s rockets, since Papa has RF to increase his healing.

Thirdly, her HB helps out with her healing, whereas Papa only has RF to increase his healing.

Fourthly, Papa has a reliable 20% DR that is 100% consistent.

Those points being said, Caira now has better team heals but still severely lacks self-sustainablility. AF provides a sub-par speed boost, but cannot outrun monsters, thus doesn’t help her.

Wrapping this back into my main point, that the medics need to be more consistent. However, I left that part out in my original post, however I have said it countless times it other threads.

The consistency boils down to self-sustainability. Caira can still be focused during AF, and if she goes down, then AF did not support her self-sustainablity. However, Papa’s RF will never fail him if he is using it correctly. He doesn’t need an area to roach around for it to be effective.

Bringing up my point about medics being more consistant.

Earlier today I had more luck with Emet+Bucket than Caira+Hank, against a high-tier monster who played Goliath, whom we knew he was going and thus counterpicked him, especially in Trapper and perks.

The premade I was with also ignored my points on self-sustainability and thus we lost at S2 because Caira had no place to run around with AF.

DoTs make him fair game, and I’m fine with it.

The problem is that his glove is the primary focus of his kit, thus it can’t just be ignored through faster/stronger HB, just like Emet’s beacon.

I’m completely fine with lackluster heals if the rest of a kit can back it up.

Rarely is Laz the first one focused, someone else is to bait out Laz. Once a Hunter is downed, it’s too easy to camp the body, and use all monster abilities to kill the Hunter, or keep Laz off. By adding the ability to res through light melees means If Laz gets focused then he can get the revive, whereas the counter to it would for the monster to keep focusing the downed Hunter, thus removing the focus from Laz, ensuring he can cloak away.

This also means Laz can res through some abilities, and the monster can’t use melee waiting for abilities to come off CD. This way he can actually be viable against Behemoth.

How about giving his sniper rifle the ability to make the monster deal less damage against downers?

I watch thibking Val could get passive self regend

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Man, quite a few people on this board just have no fucking idea how Laz works. Allowing him to revive through light Melee attacks would be flat out the stupidest balance choice possible. Jesus.

And most of the rest of the medics have been buffed in the last couple of patches anyways. Bring Slim down from his God perch and you’ll quickly see Cairas and Quairas start to populate the queue.

[quote=“ROOST_er, post:8, topic:105351, full:true”]
I watch thibking Val could get passive self regend
[/quote]Nah, Tsubame Gaeshi OP.

Val Balanced

Caira (between balanced and OP)

Slim (self sustain OP, healing others is stronger that is should (Nerf a bit)

Emet (he is in a good spot (balanced) , except with Bucket he feels broken)

P Parnell lean towards balanced more than the OP side (his healing to the team should go down a bit)

Q Caira (she require more experience) . Timing is more critical . She has to anticipate monster abilities and time her shields based on that . I would say she is balanced . But I haven’t found a good q caira player yet.

The medic main in me feels slim needs nerf and q cairia and laz needs buff

The rest are good Val maby a slight buff for self sustain that’s about it I like the medic balance now

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One more grenade and she suddenly jumps from lackluster to “between balanced and OP”? Bullshit!

You have psychological issues with medics. Seek professional help.


I am just speechless.
If you people only played like 20 hours Evolve don’t make buff/nerf suggestions please.

Only thing which is true is that Slims incap healing is too strong. Right now you don’t even need to throw a bug on somebody. You will get him up anyway while shooting on the monster.

Emet is not a good healer. He can heal, but it’s just not good enough to pick him alone in any comp without Bucket.

Lazarus? Stop buffing him he is strong right now. Your team has to play perfectly and then he will crush on any Monster. If played well.

Rval/Val/Caira/Qcaira/PP are all in a good spot now.
People tend to hate on Qcaira, but if played well she is a good healer.


[quote=“Terepin, post:13, topic:105351”]
One more grenade and she suddenly jumps from lackluster to “between balanced and OP”? Bullshit!
[/quote]Wow, it’s almost like seemingly small changes can have major effects on a character’s viability!

Funny how things work in a game not designed by the whiniest robot.

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EMET is balanced but not with stupid team mates
i had someone who wouldnt heal and would only place beacons

Caira is balanced now with that one extra nade you can take capacity and make it 6 with better incap that papa but similar non RF healing.
Give her more self sustain i say, I want a non slim op medic

Of course she is. Just small minded sheeps can’t handle a medic that posses even a tiny threat to their ego.

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That’s the thing- her healing is great now, but if you so much as sneeze in her direction she is still absolute trash. Hopefully they give her some self-sustain today. It’d be nice to have more than two fucking medics to choose from.