The Unsettling Bad News + The Re-assuring Good News of Evolve's Future


Just like fans of this game on this forum, I wish that Evolve will never end, but sadly according to wikipedia:

The encyclopaedia suggests that if the universe is open (because it has a lack of mass resulting in the inability of gravity to overcome its expansion), it will die in a heat death:

This means that it will just expand non-stop until all heat approaches absolute zero and the universe will have nothing left. I fear that new evidence has shown that our universe is an open one, which will expand indefinitely, and that means, it will reach a point in time where all intelligence life will end, and so will the Evolve franchise.

However, there is good news:

According to Ludwig Boltzmann, quantum fluctuations in a vacuum occur such that given any period of time, there is a small probability where something like an electron or a hydrogen atom will be created out of nothing. Given infinite time, even complex objects, like an earth made of gold will appear from the quantum vacuum, albeit at like a probability of less than 1 in 10^50.

But who cares when the universe can expand forever and has infinite time for even the smallest probabilities to occur? “Boltzmann Brains” are hypothetical brains that can appear out of nothing given enough time, being able to understand the universe.

Therefore, the good news is that given infinite time, a new universe will be reborn, where the Evolve storyline is not only going to continue, but it is going to be REAL. We will all be able to play and LIVE as both the hunters and monsters in a far distant future.



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