The unofficial tips/strategy thread


Hey gang, I spent some time today collecting some good strategy threads and am sharing here for those interested. One of the mods can sticky it, (pssst @SledgePainter ) or not… I have it bookmarked so I can find them easily in the future. It should be useful to noobs and veterans alike methinks…

If you have additions, please do post and I will add to the main one. And hey, it might help with the clutter of duplication now and again… who knows…


ADDED; @MaddCow suggested we track videos as well, I’ll work on more playlists as we go, but here’s one with some strategy/tips etc that I have been working on;


Bucket Appreciation Thread

Bucket UAV trick

Playing Parnell

Parnell mastery

No reason to pick Hyde?

Val thoughts and tips

Val medgun

Laz discussion

Laz and the zombies

Val V Laz

Pro tips for Abe

Caira strategy and perks

Caira’s incendiary grenades

Hunter dream team?

General Tactics

Using the Teleport

Tactical Retreats


Forming an army in rescue;

How to kill a Wraith;

Wait at the power relay or not?

How to tell which is the decoy

Trapper V Monster (in a dome)

Nest - Support & Medic

Character Mastery

Hunter classes and modes

Harpoon + Orbital = WIN


Goliath tactics

Goliath strategy Q&A

Goliath V Mines

Goliath strategy guide

Goliath stage 1 loadouts

Tips on Wraith mastery

Wraith Mastery Questions

Kraken Tips & Tricks

Kraken and Goliath tips

General Tactics

Finding time to EV to Stage 2

Avoiding Daisy

Perk stacks

Monster Guide

Movement speed V Stamina perk

Starting strategy

Advanced Monster Tips

Nest mode

Guide to Evolve; Hunters Quest

Your best tips/tricks

List of wildlife perks

Beware of the wildlife

Guide to Evolve

Evolve statistics

Advanced Monster Tips Needed
Kraken and Goliath: High Level (30+) Advice needed
YouTubers - plz share your strategy guides
Hank Underrated
Nest mode - share your strategies!
Evolve Wraith Guide
Help for a beginner?
Useful Evolve Info. & Links HUB
911-Evolve The Evolve Tip/Hint Hotline
Shear Wildlife Threat Guide. #StopWildlifeDeaths

Nice compilation of a lot of things. I would also (If you have room for the post) add links to good videos showcasing skill/tournament feeds etc for people to put in action what they read/see.


Not to step on any toes, but isn’t this thread the same as this? –

Or am I missing something?

Edit: Nevermind, I see this is a giant compilation of guides and the like rather than the hub which is mostly a “New Player Zone” so to speak.


Thanks for putting the time in to compile these up. Very nicely done. I will pin it temporarily for everyone to see for a while, then I’ll also add it to the Hub so when it gets unpinned, it can easily be accessed through there.

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Good call @MaddCow - I have been following a whack of peeps on YT and starting a playlist of the good ones I come across. I shall add them in to the OT laters… Spent over an hour on this and need to get some work done lol

@Hydrawolf - I don’t really see a lot of these convos in that list. So, it can’t hurt to have both imo… AND… I will certainly continue to add to this one. Fresh is always best no? The tips/strategy “evolves” as the game does (hee hee)

@SledgePainter - thanks. I shall add things as we go from the main boards as well as those that post in here along the way. I’ll even work on the formatting and the above idea for vids… just need to get back to work atm… took me a wee bit of time as it is (thank god I run my own businesses… can’t fire myself for spending too much time on the boards lol)


@MaddCow - Ok, I added a playlist of strategy stuff etc to the OT, it’s a start… will add more along the way… I will start another playlist with comp/gameplay stuff over the next day or so as well…

If anyone has a thread or a vid, post em and if they’re worth having for all time, I shall add to the collection folks.


You can link them to my youtube channel. I have a few hundred videos up there. My recent ones are from tournaments I played yesterday and last week. I also have some games playing with the Devs in my Press Release playlist. Here is a link to my playlists.

I also know that @YouGotBrained has a bunch of videos, as does @Yazkin and a few others. There is a thread that @MeTheBigShow put together that has a large list of some of these playlists compiled in a giant thread.

Testing something, ignore me.


Ok cool… I subbed and will roll through and cherry pick strategy stuff. I will probably make a separate PL for the tourney vids, so it doesn’t get outta hand.

I kinda get into my gaming communities as you can see from my GTA vids (did 5 for the GTA Olympics, the commercials, the Valentines Massacre etc…). I work in web dev and video production, so I have the tools and toys for it… we have a blast.

Funny U mentioned @MeTheBigShow because I ran into him on another thread earlier where I was trying to limit the clutter, which is what motivated me to spend the time to make this one…


hey thanks for featuring my thread :smiley:

didn’t knew it could be that useful lol


Well hey, seems a lot of peeps would rather complain about the Wraith than learning how to counter it. I thought it was a great convo that helps teach, not complain. Which of course, we have a bit too much of around here. So, kudos to you for posting it my friend.

Tis I that should be thanking you…


Ok, I added more stuff along the way and also added some formatting and header images to the post.

Again, if anyone has a good strat thread I missed, please do post em here for me. Thanks.


We could use some help with tips and tricks for the DLC over at the Evolve Wikia. If any of you could help out with some helpful comments on our blog there, that would be totally AWESOME! Evolve DLC tips and tricks

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