The Uncharted series


Extremely surprised that there wasn’t a thread for this already.

So I wanted to play these games, I played Drake’s Deception with my cousin on his PS3, and I’m playing the Multiplayer Stress Test for A Thief’s End. I really wasn’t that interested when I played Drake’s Deception, but when I played A Thief’s End, I was hooked instantly. I’ll be playing U4 for the rest of the weekend.


Screw the multiplayer, best and series for PlayStation hands down. Great story, graphics, best voice acting in any game and lots of fun.


I replayed all of them and I’m playing uncharted 4 beta RN, oh and they pushed it AGAIN may 10th TF


I think The Last of Us begs to differ. Way better than the uncharted series imo.


First game was good, second game was better, third game was not so good and I didn’t care for the MP aspects in any of them including 4.


Last of us was an absolutely amazing game


I haven’t played UC In forever… The UC4 multiplayer is amazing!! I loved playing it in UC2, since I haven’t actually played UC3. Although I should. I’ve been playing a lot during the weekend. It sucks tomorrow is the last day, an extra day would be really cool for more time to play. TLoU was a great game, but it can’t beat Uncharted.
Too many noobs I keep winning lol


Opinions, we all have them. I absolutely loved Last Of Us. Naughty dog is a phenomenal game and universe creator. But, uncharted is still my favorite and in my opinion, best game series for PlayStation.


I couldn’t agree more