The unbeatable player monster!


Last night, I’ve just seen on Evolve’s facebouk that there was a monster player at Gamescom who has never lost for 18 matches as a monster.

It looks like then he started a best of three with a 2K’s team of hunters…

…that’s awesome !
What were results? ^^


I never lost during the alpha as the Monster. I would love to play against a coordinated team of 4. I did vs a couple in the alpha but they were still new and didn’t stand much of a chance… :frowning:


I’m wondering which monster he was using…

Hmm… @Phase, what build did you use the most ?


Wish you had played us :wink:

dL, a lot of our guys got into the Alpha but only a few of us could play due to the short notice :frowning: we had a BLAST though, I played 26 hours in 48 hours haha


There were a lot of players who never lost during the alpha.


Does it just say or is there a video? If there is a video link it

Edit: 18 wins no losses this player knows how to destroy the noobs


Why are those things posted on facebook not posted here also? Appreciate you sharing this but some more official news would be appreciated as well…


I was hopping maybe a dev’ had the record for us ^^

Otherwise no, we don’t have any tracks of these surely epic matches.
(well, Evolve matches are often epic…as soon as players know what they’re doing)


Yup, this isn’t as impressive as it sounds like.

I was at gamescome too and played 3 matches of monster. I didn’t even get scratched by the hunters. I got to stage 3, got myself a handy perk and went looking for the hunters. They often had a strike or two from the wildlife!

Even if he faced a good team in those 17 matches, it was incredibly hard to communicate due to all the noise near the booth. When I played hunter, all I was able to shout was: FOLLOW ME! or MOBILE ARENA NOW! and then then they didn’t hear me half the time.

What’s more impressive is how he was able to play 19 times at Gamescom. The line was waaaay too long to be able to play that many matches. And even VIP’s were only allowed to play 1, maybe two matches per booth.


During Alpha we tried our hardest to beat the monster in under 2min but it usually took 2:30. All depends on your group and skill level.


During Alpha I mostly won as the Monster. I used the fire breath/melee attack combo that has since been changed. In my opinion separating the team is vital. My biggest lost was against a coordinated team of hunters, then turned it around for a win my second game. I’d like to see video of some of this guys 18 wins!


Someone actually said he won one match out of three against 2K’s team.
I’d like to see it too !

By the way… did someone ever hit with the Goliath leap melee attack ?
(not the Leap Smash ability, but the normal melee attack during a leap…is it more powerful?)


I don’t know about more powerful but while jumping the standard melee is more of an overhead 2 fist downward punch and is very useful for knocking a flying hunter back down to the ground.


Assuming this doesn’t violate the NDA… @DarkThomy I used 1 point in rock throw, charge, and leap smash. then maxed leaped smash and 1 more into rock. I ended most games at level 2 and by 3 maybe one point into flame.

@L1NK I really wish I could have :smiley:


Hmm… almost no flame breath… I’m surprised !
But yeah, I can’t wait for playing ! ^^


I think this presents some interesting points though, the new player integration needs to be buffed up a little (be it more videos, in game hints, etc.).

There was a developer in Alpha that was primarily concerned only with what we thought about new player integration so I think it’ll only get better as time goes on.


Agreed, the ‘character tutorials’ and the in-game tips won’t really cut it. There needs to be a tutorial before you start the game that explains the basics.


I’m not a big fan of Flame Breath. The only use for me is to reveal cloaks. I don’t like the idea of having to sit still (or move slowly) and flame somebody when I can do far more immediate damage with a leap smash.


Played 28 matches as the monster and never lost a single match. Even did a few rounds of lv1 monster and still won. It’s not hard if you are skillful and hunters have not built their teamwork up.


What I’d like to know is, how many of these games won by the Monster have been by either killing the entire team or completing the final objective? And which method is most likely to be chosen the most?

@MacMan, do you have any ratios on this question?