The Unanswered Questions About T4 Thread

We still love you @Rapterror.

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Just be aware that it was also answered by dev that there is only ONE Shield Drone and it deploys with an empty charge. So basically a standalone Shield Projector with a radius of 60m.

The dev tip was to place it high.

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That’s good. I was thinking that it would be super over powered, having multiple all around. Five shield projectors on an Assault… Eek.

I was aware of this. That’s why it wasn’t in the questions.

Was aware of this too, I was just seeing if it was LIKE Abe’s stasis grenades. I perhaps should’ve worded my question better. Edited.

This is what I meant when I asked that question.

So I guess not everything I talked about was answered already. And it seems as though there’s a lot you don’t definitively know rather than just the reload speed of the mini-nukes. I don’t like liars, Nos. and I especially don’t like it when people try to shoot down my threads for no reason. I don’t want this to escalate further, so I’m asking kindly that you please don’t respond to this post. Thank you, and have a good day.

If you’re going to be lazy and not read the actual reveal post, you shouldn’t complain about anything.

Thanks for the constructive input. Your comment has been taken into heart and noted. Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to call me lazy! It’s very appreciated. Now, please, leave me alone.

Also, everything in the thread has not been answered in that thread yet. So. Yeah. Bye.

Something for you to know:

The resemblance is fully random. At least on Slab’s side. His co-workers… nobody knows. :smile:

Now. I don’t know how long does the nuke reload. But it has damage falloff and 7 meters impact radius, so it’s probably 6+ seconds. Educated guess :stuck_out_tongue:

Pretty sure Slim uses his wings to manuever, while the propelling power comes from the jetpack. At least that’s how it looked like on the screenshot.

I know, I’m just messing around about that one, lol.

That’s what I’m thinking too, but I would like to know for sure.

Again, that’s what I’m thinking too. I’d just like to know for sure.

You literally made a thread that already is the same thing as the main thread, just with you as some sort of figurehead. Then if anyone points out that all of this discussion is already going on somewhere else and the redundancy of this thread, you get all pissy and act like this is your sanctuary of sorts.

That’s called being a control freak.

This is a thread about questions he has about the Tier 4 hunters, the original thread is simply a reveal, no questions answered except a couple Macman answered. He can ask questions like the rest of us, but lets be honest, if all he did was keeping adding to the giant thread about the reveal, these questions could have very well been left unanswered

I can confirm Behemoth does not drool magma. Magma is molten rock underneath the surface.
Could be lava, tough. I dunno.

How does Slim’s scent masking weapon work? If you fire it at the ground does it only stop the monster smelling if he is inside it, does it stop the monster smelling hunters inside the cloud, or does the scent masker give X seconds of scent mask where they (hunters) can run around anywhere without being smelt?

Yeah, I’ve actually been debating if it’s lava or magma between myself. He has dense rocky dermal armor, so technically isn’t it magma under the surface of his rocky armor, but lava when it leaves his body?

I’m positive I read a comment that said that they are grenades that conceal the hunters scent in the blast radius.

Well this isn’t my sanctuary, it’s my thread. You’re attempting to bring me down by calling me lazy and saying that I shouldn’t complain about anything. I’m not complaining about anything related to the hunters, I’m complaining about you being a dick to me because I’m asking questions. I don’t want this to escalate further, and if you’re smart then you probably don’t either. So, again, leave. You aren’t adding to the conversation. You aren’t being helpful. You’re only here to bring me and the thread down.



I would have to disagree good sir, since then everything would be magma.
Lava flowing underneath molten rock(lava) would be magma. If it was so, it would be chaos in the streets, society would collapse, the world as we know it would end and a new age of dinosaurs would come to earth.

So I’m sorry, but you are wrong.

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Well that’s a lovely way of looking at it. Thanks for clearing that up, Talha. I’ll edit the post now. :blush:

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30 Meters?! WOWZA

Ikr, that’s intense. Can’t wait for Slim, he may replace Laz as my main medic. :heart_eyes:

Of course, I’ll probably be saying the same thing about the T5 medic, lol.

I love to have a good Laz on my team in pugs.