The Unanswered Questions About T4 Thread

Hello all! So, I was wondering if a Dev could help answer these questions for me. If @MacMan or @SlabOMeat could respond to this thread to help answer a few questions, that would be awesome!

•I saw in one picture that he has wings, and in another he has what appears to be jetpack flame coming out from his back while in the air. How exactly does he move around in the air? Wings, Jetpack, or both?

Crow and Gobi
•Does his Stasis Cannon Gun Thing have the same visual effect as Abe’s grenades, minus the actual grenades?

•I saw a picture of Behemoth hyper-salivating in front of the fourth tier hunters. Today I got into an argument on if he salivated lava or not, and I just wanted to ask if he salivates his lava, or if it’s generated from within him.

•How many weak points can his grenades put on the target?
•Okay, was he meant to look like Phil Robb? Because the resemblance is uncanny, lol.

•How much time does it take to reload her mini-nuke launcher?

Thanks all! :smile:


Bug guys Heal Burst is 30 meters, double that of all other medics
Gobi does not count as a fifth hunter
Grenade Weakspots are 1.5X, like laz
Sunny is single shot with a slow reload.

Dayum. Thanks. I’ll edit the post. Can anyone else confirm this?

Ugh i could go around and find all the quotes but its so haaaaard

You don’t have to. I’d just like someone else to come in and confirm what you’re saying, bro.

Oh really?

Slim’s heal burst is 30 metres

It is unsure whether Gobi is the fifth monster. Perhaps Daisy and Gobi will form a tag team.

Mortars, I assume, will arc, that’s how a mortar do. They can’t land right on your position but you can get close to that by firing straight upwards.

Weak points are x1.5, like Lazarus’. Not sure on size or duration but I don’t think they last long.

Sunny’s weapon has the highest damage per shot in game, being that she should be doing support DPS that naturally leads me to assume it’ll be a slow reloading weapon. Would allow 'em to pack some oomph into it.

i have a question to add. Does Sunny’s jetpack booster work like Cabot’s damge amp or is it AOE?

Yea Macman said everything he posted in the 4th teir reveal thread you can look in the Devtracker to see it yourself.

I’m near positive I saw an image of her firing a purple beam at a hunter similar to Hank’s shield. I’m pretty sure it’s a beam device.

Cool that’s what I thought.

Fifth Hunter, and thanks. I’ll edit the post.

Also the mininuke is slow moving, it takes a couple if second to go off after impact and has damage fall out (100% if its 3 meters or closer to the monster and 0% at 8 meters)

I was aware of this. I just need to know how long the reload is.

Ohhh dont know, the sheild drones were also answered by Macman: they are stationary and start off with an empty clip so you have to place the beforehand and they reach 60m just like hanks sheild. And Gobi doesnt count as a fifth hunter.

Thanks! Edited.

Oh right, I thought you were being silly, bit like the whole Daisy thing. Gobi seems to work like a skill so I’m sure he’s not a fifth hunter.

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It was an argument? :stuck_out_tongue:

You forgot:

  • How the hell did she survive?!

Good questions. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks. And yes, that was an argument.

Also, I never read The Sword or any of it’s sequels, so her survivor skills don’t interest me.

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Evidently I’m not the only one! :blush:

A lot of people don’t have the time. Besides, having all these answers on one thread without 1k posts of crap to wade through is convenient for all.