The Ultimate Hunter


So how do you create the ultimate hunter? Well, your gonna want a team that is able to buff a single hunter and one powerful hunter. I believe Parnell, Sunny \•/, Val, and any trapper would work, with Parnell being shielded by Lord Sunny’s shield drones, healed by Val, and raning death down from above with super soldier and the jetpack boost. High dps, mobility, and health. What would your ultimate hunter be?


generally, its not a good idea to focus all buffs on one hunter. but if I had to pick, it’s either hank, caira, torvald, and crow or switch hank with cabot if you want a more offensive focus.


Parnell sucks though. Why have Parnell when you could have Torvald?


no parnell is op with his shotgun but torvald take his place for 1st


The most powerful hunter would be one that has something like hank’s OB, but had the destructive power of the deathstar