The Ultimate Hot Fixes TRS can consider

receive self healing by 10% when she heals her teammate - Alternative : reduce healing burst 10%

increase Lightening Gun 5% dmg

Increase Toxic grenade cool down by 1.5 second

Increase Rocket Launcher dmg by 8%
Super Soldier health decreased to 15% (was 20% heath decrease)

Rail gun :
Decrease Rail gun reload by 10%
Increase damage by 5%

Shield Drone receive 2 - 2.5 seconds cool down

Increase Harpoon drag power 8% or reduce cool down to 3.25 (was 3.5)

nerf Repulser’s power to block(Push power) or reduce capacity or increase cool down (by a small number)


  • Goliath

Leap Smash

lvl 1
Blast radius Increased to 4.8 meters (was 4.4)

lvl 2
Blast radius Increased to 5.8 meters (was 5.5)

lvl 3
Blast radius Increased to 7.1 meters (was 6.6)

  • Kraken

After shock

First option:

lvl 2
Blast Radius 11 (was 12.5)

lvl 3
Cool down Increase to 10 seconds (was 8)
Blast Radius reduced to 13.5 (was 15)

Second option: Aftershock rework
[0-6 meters] Do the same damage
[6-11] 20% less damage
[11-15] 35% less damage

  • Wraith

Heavy Attack 225 (was 250)

Warp Blast

lvl 3
Reduce damage to 500 (was 517)

Reduced Stage 3 Armor to 4500 (was 5000)

  • Behemoth

Damage reduced to 100 (was 190)

Stage 3 :
Decrease Health by 500 - 750

Lastly :

Options :

1- Increase Crow (Statis gun vertical Radius against Air Kraken-Wraith ) - Jack Repulser make Kraken goes down

2- Griffin Harpoons must prevent pounce

Reduce 30% No of plant > wouldn’t effect Pros but good adjustment to new players to reduce frustrating level


1- Patch 4 just destroyed val … she needs more attention … she can’t defense her self or heal more than 1 target

2- Val was a good pick against stage 1 , 2 before the patch 5.0 but now - increasing stage 1 dmg and melee attacks … she just can’t survive
In Rank Hunt 2.0 playing against same level just hurt val

@MacMan Val is my fav and I am in love with her character (I wish val’s utility equal Caira or slim in someday)

Mines can get away by any good monster … Reducing mines dmg and subtituting it with higher LG dmg will make him more viable solution specially in competitive matches

Sunny is a annoying for any monster

Higher chances of faster engagement (Jet pack) 2 defensive abilities… Spamming shield drone is just …

Griffin can stop the monster or slow it less … I feel dragging power should make up the last change

o.O? I’m confused. You mean she heals herself when she heals them?

…nerf mines again?

less plant spawns? They’re not even trouble. New players have to learn if its that problematic.


In competitive match

Markov is the least dmg dealer

any good monster can get away from mines

Substituting Mines dmg with LG is a good option

You can’t increase LG dmg without decreasing mine dmg so it wouldn’t make a character OP

For instance : decreasing 10% Mines and increasing 10% of other ability (LG) wouldn’t hurt and actually can make him look better in competitive scene or against good monsters


So why nerf it?


is kinda weak all round. Why would you nerf something that’s been nerfed before? WHY make something useless when it’s weak to begin with? That’s very counterproductive, even if LG got a buff.


Another note; Just because you buff one thing on a character, does not mean you need to nerf something else.
Take pre-buffed Hyde for example. Buffed both his nades and minigun. He’s in a good place now.


Why, why would you nerf the monsters, especially behemoth


Next thing you know, “Reduce Daisy health and revive speed by 15%”


But make her run 200% faster so that you can find the monster quicker and she’ll be so far ahead that the monster can pounce and eat her

She doesn’t do that already?

Even more…

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Vhat? Good monsters hit mines. It just requires better placement. That’s like saying good monsters don’t get hit by toxic grenades or bucket’s sentry guns or laz’s sniper rifle.

Good luck dodging that, Hyde hast to be god awful to miss with that

To take the full dmg? It’s easier then mines WAY eaisier. The nades deal roughly 100 dmg per second…PER SECOND. If he throws it then you’ll be taking either little or no dmg at all whilst moving. Where as mines basically says (as they’ve aways been) “you come here you take instant big dmg” Watch your step.

Mines are noticeable :unamused: Toxic grenade if accurate … will do more dmg than FT

Toxic is more about the skill of Assualt player and it’s tough for the monsters to get it a way from it (it will cause damage no matter what )

but mines are different :expressionless: and monsters can destroy it

So? Toxic grenades, beams and weakspots are too. Doesn’t mean you can always keep track of them.

if you take damage then you didn’t dodge so that’s irrelevant to what I said

You can still dodge and take dmg. Grazing would be the word I’m looking for.

When someone says dodge think of the game dodgeball, if the ball hits you then your out, unless your playing with some kind of special rules

What? Toxic does more dmg then the FT? Are you mad.

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